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  • adoption

    for those coming to this site hoping for a family but your journey has been difficult,
    please consider adoption

    there are many paths to adoption such as domestic, foster-to-adopt, and international adoption

    hoping that others would consider adoption
    every child deserves a family

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    everyday am so thankful for this child husband and I are blessed to raise
    definitely worth the adoption wait to become a family!


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      adoption is not in the news everyday like it used to be
      however, adoptions are still taking place; it's a wonderful way to start a family or add to your family

      I was not diagnosed with infertility; the Dr instead said I was fine
      we just never tried much to get pregnant

      there are couples who are not infertile who make the decision to adopt as their first and only choice
      sometimes I wish we would have thought of adoption first and we'd be younger but then we wouldn't
      be parenting the child we are and be these wise, patient parents


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        people may think they might not be able to bond with an adopted child or that the child might not attach to them

        there are lots of ways to establish that connection
        if the child is a baby or toddler, carrying them around a lot helps
        we rocked our child a lot; I continued rocking for as long as our child could sit on my lap
        hugging everyday; we still do this and our child has been home a number of years
        looking in your child's eyes and having them establish eye contact
        playing childhood games like peek-a-boo
        there are also books and websites dedicated to the topic of attachment/ bonding


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          I wanted to adopt since I was a teenager. Not sure why I never got it done.
          My ex husband and I had decided to adopt, went to the foster care facility in our city and did some checking into options. I should say that I did, in hindsight I can see his lack of interest.

          Obviously for the best that it didn't happen.

          I support adoption 100%, and I'm still open to doing it, though at my age, it's not likely to happen.


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            Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
            though at my age, it's not likely to happen.
            we know a family who adopted an older child (age7) this past year
            don't know their exact ages but she is about 50 and think he is 60 or 61 (she is 50 or over as they celebrated the 50)

            they must have had to get a waiver on their ages to adopt this time as believe they are now over the age limit for country they adopted from


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              Back then, I was maybe 35 and hubs would've been 37 and we were approaching the age limit then, as I believe it was 40...so I haven't even looked into it recently. Being single likely wouldn't help me either.


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                being single is tougher to adopt although not impossible
                but the rules change all the time for adoption, for every country

                anyone interested in adoption and reading this thread would need to find out the current rules for the country they are interested in adopting from as well as the regulations the country they live in has concerning adoption


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                  Adoption can be wonderful: for both the child/young adult and adult. My best friend was a foster child, as her mum had a mental illness. Of course, there can be difficulties but I agree it can be a good thing.