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Coping With The Grief Of Miscarriage - Discuss

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  • Coping With The Grief Of Miscarriage - Discuss

    Have you or someone close to you gone through a miscarriage?

    While it is a difficult topic to discuss for many reasons, it is important to know that you are not alone in your grief.

    Sharing your story can be healing to you as well as to others who may be going through a pregnancy loss right now. We even wrote an entire article about it here:


    Whether you’ve experienced a miscarriage yourself or have a loved one who has your story matters.

    Share yours here.
    "Be what you're looking for."

  • My mother [who unfortunately died a few years ago] sadly had a miscarriage. This was before my older sister, Anna, was born. But, anyhow, my mum miscarried. My family never talk of it, though. I do often wonder who'd be here today if she hadn't. But it is as it is. My mum never spoke to me about it, so I don't know the feelings she had. But it must've been devastating for her and my dad. Again, though, nothing can change the past.

    I would advise anyone who's miscarried see a counsellor. It won't bring the baby back, but it can heal the pain a little. It is sad, though.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience P&C! Your mum is a perfect example of what this article addresses. So many women DON'T talk about their miscarriages for a while variety of reasons that this author really hits home on. The idea is that if we can acknowledge these things it may open up the door for women who are currently feeling isolated for those reasons.

      And of course, some women choose not to talk about it because that is just their way of grieving.

      We want all women to know that it IS devastating. It IS NOT your fault. And it is not only okay but healthy and important to share for healing and so that other women may not feel so alone.

      I appreciate your perspective as a sibling who wonders what your sibling would have been like and witnessed the way your own family dealt with the loss.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • Thank you, Ashlee T. I was glad to offer my mum's experience of a miscarriage. I hope I never go through it myself and it isn't the woman's fault, as you've said.

        It is a tough, tough situation for any pregnant woman to go through. It is never the woman's fault. And should never be stigmatized.


        • Thank you so much for talking about a subject that's so important. ????
          Summer suggested reading: Josette Sona's free book: Woman to Women.


          • Hey. I am very sorry for you, I know from my own experience what it means to lose a child and then no longer be able to feel like a mother. My relatives are no longer alive, the young man left after the news about my infertility, but I had no great desire to tell my friends or acquaintances about my problem. I kept everything to myself, it seemed to me that it would be much easier to survive the loss. In the end, the desire to get rid of loneliness took over. To solve my problem, I turned to surrogate motherhood. Dear women, I want to say that from any, the most difficult and painful life situation there is always a way out, you need only a little patience and determination, Good luck.
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