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Betrayed! Which would be worst?

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  • Betrayed! Which would be worst?

    which would be worst?
    if your partner fell in love with another woman but didn't have sex wiht her
    if your partner had sex with another woman but didn't fall in love with her
    the would stink equally

  • your mum or sister sleeping with your boyfriend/husband, that would be mine


    • i hear ya!! i think just by cheating on me would be bad, i dont care with who..


      • defo but i would be much worse if it was your family


        • For me, the worst thing would be if my man fell in love with someone else.
          That's just something you can't do anything about, you're completely helpless, and even if he did stay with me in that case, I'd know it would be just for the sex, and who on earth would want that?

          When I think of things like that, this postasecret postcard that I read once always comes to my mind..
          it read

          What hurts more than losing you... is knowing you're not fighting to keep me.


          • weak flesh...strong mind

            When I was at university I had a number of friends,
            and one of them told me that his wife had given him
            strict instructions;

            "I don't care what you do, you can go out and get
            drunk, you can do things I don't want to know about,
            but don't play chess with Kaylar!"

            The reason was that when we played chess, she could
            strip herself naked and do a flying leap across the room,
            and neither of us would notice.

            The fact that he could do something which so totally
            excluded her, that was the major 'betrayal'.

            For many men, sex is no more momentous than a good
            bowel movement. They can have sex with anything...
            it means nothing.

            But when another woman truly matters to them, that
            requires his mind be involved.

            that isn't...'gee I'm sitting and looking at porn and my
            cocky got hard, and I didn't do anything to make my
            cocky get hard...' mindlessness
            this is him...fully in control..."I have to beat Kaylar at
            chess, no matter what happens. There is nothing in
            this world but that woman, and his chess set!"


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