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  • Hmmmmm...

    I'm all for spicing it up a notch!


  • sky's the limit on options

    I'd like to do the same, but I am not comfortable with lots of stuff my other half wants. Let me know what works for you.


    • spicing

      Yea, that's gotta be the most difficult part--when one partner isnt' comfortable w/ some of the things that other partner wants. In this situation--there's gotta be some sort of compromise--you should ALWAYS make sure to listen to what your partner would want. My suggestion would be to listen first, and then decide with which things you are most comfrtobale w/.

      What do others think about this situation??

      Good Luck!!


      • I am a very sexually open minded person and I think that a healthy sexual relationship is vital to happiness. I once was one of those people who couldn't try new things... let alone even talk about sex freely. I also suffer from anxiety so that was no help. Over time, I have learned that as with everything... communication is key and most important. You may find it hard to talk about sex and what you like, but if you can force yourself to bite the bullet and try it, then eventually you will become comfortable with it. The same goes for actually trying new things. Some times you just need to be brave and push through your shyness or anxiety. I also think it's important to realize that not everything your parents taught you are always right. If you were raised extremely conservative, trust me when I say that it is OK to let go of that some times and you will be happy that you did. If there is something your S.O. wants to try, but it seems too extreme for you, then try baby steps. Try something similar, but less stressful. Try starting out with other things that you might be a little more comfortable with. As you start to try the new things you will become more comfortable with each other and more open to try the more aggressive things. Try not to be shy and face your fears. You may like it or you may decide it's not for you, but I promise you, it will be worth it!


        • Need Help With This Lil Friend of Mine

          Hi everyone. I am super new to this website, so I was wondering if there are women who felt the same as me. As I was going through some of the threads and tears were rolling down my face. Just for the fact there are so many women like I who have this thing called HPV. I was diagnosed about two years ago and I still find it very difficult to cope with. My life has totally changed. I don't see my life and relationships the same even the one I'm in right now. This thing I have runs through my mind every morning, every night and I feel I want to blame someone or just know how or who I got it from. I am not physically active with my S.O and It is hurting my relationship very much as time goes on. I don't feel like the same women I once was and I hate myself alot for this thing I caught. I feel very bad for my other half and I just don't think he understands how hard I really take this. How to people get better?? Physically and Mental? If any of you have any help or just a opinion for me, please help. I really appriciate it. Thank you

          Very sad and want to give up my relationship and just be alone.


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