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Bed-Wetting Husband

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  • Bed-Wetting Husband

    Earlier this year my husband, in his mid 30’s, started having bed-wetting accidents. I noticed the accidents mainly seem to happen after having a few drinks on our nights out together. I have also noticed he will randomly have accidents after working extended hours as he doesn’t work the typical eight to five type of job and is an extremely heavy sleeper.

    So, the other night I mentioned to him that I would like him to start wearing diapers to bed on the nights he drinks and after the days he works his 16+ hour long shifts. His face immediately turned red and you could tell he felt embarrassed. I reassured him that I was ok with the idea of him wearing protection to bed and reminded him that it would help keep the bed dry.

    I love him more than anything in this world and would never look at him any differently for wearing protection. I’ve noticed it appears to be more of a common trend than people may think.

    That being said, since he started wearing his pull-up diapers to bed, I noticed that he appears to sleep better and even admitted that he actually likes how comfortable they are to wear. The only issue I have is that I have noticed they leak more often then not.

    Should I suggest that he start wearing the tabbed diapers? Everything I read on the internet has said they are much more absorbent and less likely to leak. Just looking for your thoughts.

    I know some of you that are reading this may think I’m crazy for suggesting he wear diapers but I don’t look at diapers in a negative light. They are just an available tool to use in order to fix an issue and are harmless. I think he actually looks cute in them. Oddly enough, I feel like it has brought us closer together and I like taking care of him.

  • I don't think it is crazy at all. Unfortunately tho', I don't have any experience with adult diapers.


    • Unless he has a dysfunction, he could probably avoid this other ways, like not drinking so many fluids after a certain hour or doing mental exercises when he goes to the bathroom during his waking hours.

      I'm getting the impression that this is about a little more than keeping the bed clean, though. Right?
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      • I would search for diapers which are leak-proof, obviously. There are also the obvious steps to take, like reducing the amounts of fluid drunk, using the toilet before bed and even using a plastic bed sheet, to prevent the mattress becoming damp and soiled. I realize I've made some obvious points, but feel they should be made.


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