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Lack of sexual desire.

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  • Lack of sexual desire.

    It’s going to be almost two years now since I’ve been with my boyfriend. Our sexual life had always been good and balanced. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. About three months ago he started complaining about me not wanting to be intimate with him. At first I thought it was just a phase but it’s been three months now and I still don’t feel sexually aroused by him. Now I just play along so that he stops complaining.

    I don’t know what to think of this. Honestly I can’t imagine my life withought him because I do love him. I have tried many things to heat up the scene but they doesn’t seem to help.

    I am sure this is a silly thing and probably not something to worry about but I just want to see if other people have experienced not feeling sexually aroused by their partner for a period of time...

  • This isn't unusual. Are you under more stress or have you changed your routine? Have you started or stopped any medication?

    Is everything going well in the relationship?
    Hormonal changes can also cause a dip in libido.

    Don't worry too much, but get checked out if it continues. Other issues can cause the drop.


    • Acrs, this is not unusual, but it **is** a sign that aomething's amiss, but whether that "something" is physical or psychological is tough to say. It might be a good start for you to see a doctor to rule out physical causes.


      • Are you on hormonal birth control?
        "Be what you're looking for."


        • Sexual incompatibility will harm relationships.


          • Originally posted by WaveRider View Post
            Sexual incompatibility will harm relationships.
            Sexual relationships, for sure! :-))

            But this sounds like "sudden onset incompatibility," as in, all of a sudden she doesn't find him attractive anymore, or rather, suddenly he doesn't arouse her anymore.
            So... either she has fallen out of lust with him, he's done something to seriously annoy her - which doesn't sound likely, since she's still willing to accommodate his needs even when she's not in the mood - or (c) there's a physical issue of some sort. I'm leaning toward the BC pill thing, assuming that's what they're doing to avoid becoming parents.


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