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  • Men as victims of physical abuse of women is a hugely unreported "crime".

    In every single case of which i have direct knowledge, calling cops made a bad situation worse. Once government is invited to resolve domestic issues, its dictates become controlling no matter desires of those who were actually involved. Almost always, both parties go to jail which create irreconcilable acrimony. Women have told me that "domestic crisis counselors" have talked them in to pursuing criminal charges when they were most vulnerable to manipulation by outsiders who have had ulterior motives: justifying reason for their existence. Domestic crisis counselors have talked vulnerable women into taking action that destroyed what could have been salvageable relationships.

    District attorneys who prosecute domestic violence crimes have very low conviction rates. But by then, irrevocable damage has been done to what could've been salvageable relationships. Men and women see their persecuting partners as vindictive predators, who were pushed into such roles by self-serving domestic violence counselors, and no longer trust them.


    • My first wife nearly yielded to her predatory lawyer's recommendations, but she was just too much a thinking person to listen to a lawyer...
      Oh, not concerning violence! It had to do with ruinous alimony demands...


      • Google: "Heather Locklear Arrested Domestic Violence."


        • Hi Texasred,

          Family law lawyers occupy the bottom rung of lawyer hierarchy. Other lawyers have no respect for family law lawyers. Nearly all family law lawyers have attended bottom tier law schools or non-accredited law schools. Their only option is family law.

          Family law lawyers will lie and suborn perjury.

          Who would want to earn a living destroying families?


          • Originally posted by WaveRider View Post
            Google: "Heather Locklear Arrested Domestic Violence."
            saw that

            in our area, see more and more youth (ages14-17) arrested
            guess parents are getting hit and calling police on their kids


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