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Men never seem interested in me

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  • Men never seem interested in me

    I feel so sad, never dated anyone or had a boyfriend in my life before at the age of 22. 5’4 and 120 lbs. I haven’t tried online dating before but whenever I am out in public, men never seem interested in me, never even return eye contact or approach me, never really hit on me, and it just makes me feel like I am ugly and can't attract anyone-like why can’t I get dates or find someone to even like me?
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  • Do you look typical of your age group? Grooming, clothes, hair style, makeup, etc.?
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    • Originally posted by jns View Post
      Do you look typical of your age group? Grooming, clothes, hair style, makeup, etc.?
      People always say I look young/youthful and that I have good skin. Sometimes I put on makeup, but even with makeup on, I still don't really get attention. I guess I dress modestly, I don't show off my body that much (like short skirt, top that shows my belly, or a very low cut top that exposes my chest). I am more of a leggings and a nice/cute top type of girl.
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      • What is your personality and demeanor like? Are you smiling and friendly? Open to conversation?
        Do you speak first?


        • Where do you go to meet people? The bar scene can be so superficial and many hook ups are based on looks, clothing (or lack thereof) or alcohol in general. What do you like to do, what are you good at? Are there places where you can go that are in line with your likes? You may also consider that not all men are out on a hunt. It may be up to you to approach them to make an introduction. Find some good conversation starters and go to it.
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          • I think to have men attracted to you, you need personal power: for instance, are you good at painting? Are you good at writing? Whatever you're good at, make the most of. Go to a painting class, go to a book group or writing class. Learn to feel good about yourself and believe in yourself and you'll shine. If you sit there lonely and think "no one likes me" funnily enough, no one will like you. If you saw a man sitting in the corner of the room on his own and miserable, you wouldn't want to date him, would you? I think you need to start increasing your self esteem. You have to be happy single in order to be happy in a relationship.


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