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Gf's mom talks way too much

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  • Gf's mom talks way too much

    Okay... so, I really need to rant and release my anger somewhere. I’ll just rant here instead so I apologize in advance for any butthurt members out there. To make things detailed and clear, my relationship with my girlfriend has been going on for about 3 years now. We met during my visit in her hometown in Medellin for a meet foreign tour back then. Very lovely people. The locals are friendly and energetic wherever you go. But ****, I would’ve never thought there would be one friendly and energetic Costa Rican that would get on my nerves and it HAD to be my girlfriend’s MOTHER. Where do I even begin?! The first time my gf introduced me to her family was during our first anniversary. I visited her over one weekend and that’s when I first met someone who I had to extend my patience with. She talks way too much and says the most obnoxious jokes. I know she doesn’t have any ill-intentions but come on, it gets annoying the more I hear them. My gf doesnt know I dislike her mom but I dread the next time I’ll have to meet her mom again. How on earth can I explain this to her? She absolutely adores her mom and her talkative nature but I can’t imagine tolerating her for even a few days. I’d just hurt her if I were to be honest. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m almost at my limit even by just meeting the woman for just about 5 times over the span of our relationship. HELP ME.

  • It's a common problem, really. I didn't particularly enjoy being with my in laws either, and I know they didn't like me.
    Do you plan to stay with this woman for a long time?

    If she isn't being rude, mean spirited or critical of you, my advice is to just suck it up and deal with her rantings. It sounds like you don't have to be around her frequently right? Just be courteous, engage her for awhile then maneuver yourself toward other family whose company you enjoy.

    It's really no different than anyone else that you don't like. No point in being rude or making a scene, just be polite, tactful and remove yourself as much as possible. If your girlfriend ever does notice and ask, be honest and tell her you just don't prefer her company. It's important to show the maturity and respect her place as Mom, and understand their bond. But I don't think you have to be miserable in her company either.

    Good luck. One of my ways to deal with it was to find the humor in mannerisms, or poor enunciation or count the times she'd say "ya know, I don't know".


    • Costa Rican and Columbian women can be beyond gorgeous. If your g/f is drop dead gorgeous and she's your best friend, you're in quite a predicament. I'm not sure what the right answer might, assuming a right answer exists. Of greater concern to me -assuming I were you- is whether she'll turn out to be just like her mom.

      Women do tend to talk too much and dominate conversations. My last g/f can get on a roll and pick up steam. I'd have to tactfully steer her toward another topic, but it didn't always work.


      • Talking too much can be a coverup for insecurities. Maybe you make her nervous?


        • I have no clue as to what you should do about your GF's mother. I'd just suck it up, to be frank. There is little you can do. However, do try to make her feel more at ease: because if she's talking due to nerves, then this will calm her down and she won't talk as much. Definitely hide your dislike of her, for obvious reasons!


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