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fitness trackers/ sportswatch

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  • fitness trackers/ sportswatch

    hi guys
    does anyone know of a sportswatch that is waterproof, has a built in heart rate monitor but doesnt need charging? all the ones i have found so far need to be charged via usb every few days which i am currently fed up with with my fitbit.

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    Hi Danielle,

    I was going to go the Fitbid route, but they're not water proof. Since I live close to the ocean, I needed to go waterproof. I bought a Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Fitbit got a higher rating (very subjective) than Garmin, but Garmin is water proof. This a great deal on Garmin: [url]http://www.bestbuy dot com

    I think that fitness monitors need frequent charging because of the many functions they perform, including syncing with your phone.

    I usually charge mine every few days while I'm in the shower. I've tried to factor out the inconvenience of charging. I don't wear a wristwatch anymore. It's straight Garmin.

    If you find one with a longer power storage, let me know.
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        I use apple watch and the app FitChat . So far I'm very satisfied with how it tracks my activities plus the app really encourages me to move and exercise. And Oh! It pays to have an workout buddy. Someone who pushes you to stay fit.

        PS: moderator/admins feel free to UNLINK the website, I think it's automatic.
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          im using fit bit watch and i love how it works out i know apple watch is better but apple watch is too expensive lol
          anyways the app still monitor calories , steps heart rate and many more
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