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Which is the best way to decrease weight?

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  • Which is the best way to decrease weight?

    Which is the best way to decrease weight.......?

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    The short answer is to take in less calories than you burn. This can be accomplished by many manners. Diet and exercise making sure that you eat properly, eat the proper foods and in the right portion sizes, then get out and the easiest exercise is to walk. Just walk where ever you want to go, walk just for the fun of it. Later you can incorporate a weight bearing routing and increase your cardio levels by increasing your walking pace to a jog or a run.


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      In my experience, issues with weight are all about diet. Eating a plant-based diet and eating less will resolve any weight issues.

      Exercise is great for health, discipline, and longevity. But, you can exercise daily and still be overweight with a bad diet. If you eat properly, you could never see the inside of a gym, never touch a weight, and never do any exercise whatsoever and be slim.
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      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


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        Losing weight and keeping it off is more about diet control from my experience.
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          I just avoid:

          ice cream
          fried food
          ready meals

          I do eat chocolate, however and have one or two bags of crisps once a month. I avoid ice cream and I cook all my dinners from scratch. I just avoid fattening, processed foods most of the time: because there is the odd slip up!


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            The best for decreasing the weight is regular exercise and food supplement according to needs of your body weather it is protein, vitamin, multivitamin and weight loosing products.


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              The key is regular exercise and healthy food on time every time.