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HELP! -- Ladies on a diet who still like to eat at restaurants, I NEED YOUR INPUT!

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  • HELP! -- Ladies on a diet who still like to eat at restaurants, I NEED YOUR INPUT!

    PLEASE let me know if you would ACTUALLY benefit from this/ think this is a good idea to you??

    I like to eat at restaurants with friends/family, but I still need to be mindful of my dietary restrictions. So I found an app that lets me search for food in my area based on my diet. It's called HowUDish. At the moment HowUDish is only available for iPhone. Do you know any apps that do something similar? The company has a Kickstarter for Android, I can pay $10 and get 3 months free premium subscription (here's the link if your interested: link removed

    I've never paid for an app before, but I kind of need the help. I want to be able to go out and be social but still eat right, ESPECIALLY if I don't know the area.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Alternative apps? HELP PLEASE!

    Thanks so much!
    Nikki (trying super hard to be good away from home lol)
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  • I also eat out regularly. I wouldn't pay for an app myself, but it could be useful. Definitely don't stop eating out, though: life was meant to be enjoyed and no one wants to spend their time counting every calorie and going for a run to burn off one carrot. Enjoy your food when out: who wants to be a spoilsport? However, being sensible is still important, but that's just pure common sense.


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