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STRENGTH ROUTINES: 6 ways to get stronger in less time (Perfect Routine)

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  • STRENGTH ROUTINES: 6 ways to get stronger in less time (Perfect Routine)

    Lets Get Stronger with Perfect Strength Routine

    1.Clock Work

    Stand with feet together. Step left foot forward (12 o’clock position) 2 to 3 feet, bend knees, and lower into a lunge, keeping front knee behind toes, as shown. Don’t lean forward. Press into left foot and stand back up, feet together. Step left foot out to side (9 o’clock position), feet hip-width apart. Bend knees & hips and sit back into a squat, knees behindtoes, chest lifted. Stand back up, feet together. Step left foot behind you (6 o’clock position), lower into a lunge, then stand back up. Repeat with right leg stepping to 3 o’clock position for squat.

    2. One-Legged Lunges.

    Place left foot on chair or table behind you so leg is extended & you’re balancing on right leg. Bend right knee, lowering into lunge, front knee behind toes. Press into right foot standing back up.

    3. Monster Squats.

    Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out slightly, arms relaxed at sides. Sit back into a a squat, keeping knees behind toes. As you stand up, raise left knee out to side, placing foot back on floor as you lower into next squat, lifting right leg.

    4. Supported Curls.

    Sit in a chair with feet a few inches apart. Holding a 2- to 3-kg dumb-bell in each hand, lean forward from hips and rest elbows on thighs, palm up. Bend left elbow, curling dumb-bell toward shoulder. Keep upper arm still. Hold for a second, then lower and repeat with right arm. Continue alternating arms.

    5. Side Plank Push-Ups.

    Start on knees, hands beneath shoulders, & body in line from head to knees. Bend elbows out to sides, lowering chest almost to the floor. Straighten arms, pushing back up, then raise left arm overhead, rolling body to left form a side plank. Lower and repeat on right.

    6. T-Stand Rows with Kickbacks.

    Stand with feet together, a 2- to 3-kg dumb-bell in each hand. Hinge forward at hips and raise right leg behind you, arms hanging beneath shoulders, palms in. Tighten glutes and abs to stay balanced. Bend elbows toward ceiling and squeeze shoulder blades together, pulling dumb-bells towards rib cage. Keeping upper arms still, press dumb-bells back and straighten arms. Hold for a second, then reverse direction.