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Tips on dieting/healthy eating?

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  • Tips on dieting/healthy eating?

    I like many other people suffer from being addicted to sweets. I've been looking to cut some sweets out, do you guys have any tips on what I can and cannot eat? And any recommendations? Hoping for a response!

  • I am a sugar addict. The best way to get control of cravings, that I've found, is just to stop the sweets 100% for a period of time. Took me awhile to accomplish that, but I did. After that time, the intense cravings stopped. The weaning was awful, the cravings are distracting, but worth it to fight through the temptations and get control.

    After being off sweets for awhile, the cravings subside. I found that then, I can have a little and be ok, but it only takes a bit more to spark the cravings and send me back into that cycle. Sugar is powerful. Don't underestimate what it can do!


    • I am also a sugar addict. I have stopped the sweets for over 3 years now. I also avoid biscuits. I only have the occasional ice cream in summer: you get the gist. I just stopped eating the sweets, cold turkey. They would've rotted my teeth and made me fat. I couldn't eat them anymore for my sanity. I simply don't buy them. Once you're off the sweets, you'll find after a while the cravings disappear: really. It is hard at first, but your body adjusts and then you're fine. The only way to give up the sweets, is to stop buying the sweets altogether.


      • Agreed, panchkarma27.


        • Agreed, atskitty2.


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