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Compatibility between keto diet and HIIT

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  • Compatibility between keto diet and HIIT

    I have been trying to use keto diet, not overly strict, but first keeping my carb intake/day under control.
    In doing so, this affected my performance during HIIT. I was feeling mostly depleted.

    Anyone has experienced keto diet ? What are the recommendations especially in relation with HIIT, strength and conditioning training ?

    Thank you !
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  • I haven't done ketogenic dieting, but I spend a lot of time in ketosis. During the shorter periods I get my best workouts, but once I go into it for days and my carbohydrate stores are depleting I start dragging. I think it's what the low-carb crowd calls the "keto flu." I hear it eventually passes.

    I've looked into it for myself for weight loss, but I'm concerned about the long-term effects of the diet. I've read that it's good for dealing with the symptoms of certain diseases, like MS (I think?). But for a healthy person that just needs to lose weight, it seems that you're going to get short term weight loss at the expense of long-term health, at least from what I've seen and read.

    I actually had a good friend lose weight, then die from cancer in her 40's after doing atkins. Of course that's anecdotal and I don't know that the diet was a factor, but that's what's in the back of my mind whenever I've investigated or have been encouraged by friends to try it. A lot of studies I've seen show higher risks of cancer, cardio-vascular disease, and other sicknesses. I feel like there are healthier ways to get the benefits of keto dieting and still have the ability for explosive energy that comes from carbohydrates.
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    • The issue with low carb is that you have to get your energy from somewhere. Many people try to go low carb, but they do not modify their other macros accordingly. For example, if super low carb, you must be relatively high fat or you will have no energy. When doing extra low carb, I try to keep my protein at a moderate/high level and fats high. I also try to stay away from anything "dirty keto" and only eat clean, wholesome, preferably one ingredient foods.

      Additionally, many people get very dehydrated while doing very low carb.

      MCT oil was a big help to me during ketosis, as well as electrolyte replacement (I used Ultima Replenisher) in my water.
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      • I'm not surprised you felt depleted doing a high intensity workout, with a decreased carbohydrate diet. Makes sense to me. Carbohydrate is energy for the body to burn.

        Why not just try changing the types of carbohydrate you eat? Add high fiber too... Carbs are not bad... they're not the enemy in weight loss and certainly not fitness goals.
        i am a reformed low carb girl myself.

        I eat high carbohydrate now, actually, and I have not regained weight. I eat veggies and grains, legumes, whole, high nutrition foods. I don't eat processed junk carbs and refined sugars.

        Try that, and see how much energy you have for the day and watch your workouts take on new life. It certainly did for me.


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