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Do you guys take a vitamin supplement?

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    have proper and sufficient vegetable in daily life


      I started getting a fungus infection around my mouth with layers in the corners and dry skin across my cheeks and forehead. I noticed if I ate fortified food like cereal or lots of breads several days in a row it would go away. So my husband added centrum to my nightly insomnia pills and it has all gone away. Apparently in his research he found there is a fungus that can be caused by low b vitamins. Personally I feel if you are going to take 1 vitamin you should take a full spectrum as well because too much of one vitamin without any extra of others can cause you to not absorb enough of those other vitamins in your diet. You have to keep it balanced.


        I really don’t think the essential of taking supplements of vitamins as having whole foods are enough to maintain the natural process of body. Vitamins are both water and fat soluble, though water soluble vitamins can easily be excreted through urine but fat soluble vitamins remains deposited in the body causing a risk for various chronic disease.


          Hey. I'm also interested in this topic. I read a lot of literature on this topic. It is interesting that, even as the temperature falls and cough and cold spread, stores are filled with tablets and vitamin advertising, promising that they will increase immunity and protect us from disease.
          The term "vitamins and minerals" sounds secret, but it just refers to the nutrients your body needs to function properly, such as iron, calcium and vitamin C.

          Then it may seem logical that we must take supplements to strengthen our immune system.

          Vitamin tablets practically do not have long-term health benefits for well-nourished adults and can even be harmful.

          There have been other studies on the use and possible harmful effects of additives, including antioxidants, which may increase the risk of cancer spread. Vitamins, meanwhile, can increase the growth of cancer and heart disease according to the study.

          However, the National Institute of Health and Medicine (NICE), which provides national advice on health and social care, said that some people who are at risk of deficiency should consider accepting additions.

          Pregnant women, for example, must take vitamin D until they stop breastfeeding, as well as folic acid before the twelfth week of pregnancy, to regulate the levels of calcium and phosphate in their bodies to prevent their softness.

          Folic acid is known to prevent neural tube defects, including spina bifida. And while eating foods rich in substances - such as green leafy vegetables and brown rice - is beneficial, it is impossible to get the recommended number of them alone.

          However, children between the ages of six months to five years can receive vitamins A, C and D, especially if they are fussy eaters.

          Those who are not exposed to the sun - for example, those who are involved with animals or cover the skin in the open air, are also advised to take vitamin D.

          In a cloudless sky and flaming sunlight, a rarity in the UK, those who live here are among those who may need vitamin D.

          Eating oily fish every day is not always safe or convenient.
          In general, fat-soluble vitamins, in particular A and D, have a greater potential to cause toxicity than water-soluble vitamins, for example, vitamin C.

          I think that everyone should decide this question for himself. There are necessary vitamins - they need to be taken. There are vitamins for business and it's a waste of money. I hope I helped someone.


            Our body requires essential minerals and vitamins for every process and function, so aside from eating healthy foods I also take vitamins from here because health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including heart problems, high cholesterol levels, and eye and skin disorders. Most vitamins facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which cannot be performed by any other nutrients.
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              Hey. That's how I see it. I know what vitamins I lack (iron, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium) - I take the supplement for vitamin D, because it should be such a high dosage that my levels are higher than I could not achieve it with diet and sunshine, and all alone (plus I'm actually not able to get out and take a walk at the moment). In the rest I'm working on a diet. I can not take iron tablets. I mean, I can, but I get such an angry IBS on them (any kind) that I would have coped better with anemia! Starting with low-carbohydrate (and I think this probably applies to most types of diet), I eat much more fresh, unprocessed foods, so I get a much better diet, which means a much higher level of nutrition. I increased the consumption of vegetables, cut out the "stodge" - so no more bloated products occupying the Quality Time with my intestinal flora. I'm sure that as long as I continue to maintain a "healthy" balanced (low-carb) diet (a simple variety of vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products - I can not be lazy, so this is a zero-load mode), my next round of blood will show , that my iron, magnesium and calcium levels will return to normal - presumably for T2 it is quite common that they get a little disgusting, and also slightly belligerent test results of liver function. I take the cod liver oil supplement and do this for 5+ years, has nothing to do with diabetes, as I was advised by the counselor after an accident when I had broken bones.

              My husband prefers to spend his money on good olive oil and a good piece of meat.

              And my mom takes vitamin D only in the winter months, mainly because of the lack of sunlight. At any other time this does not.
              Everyone chooses himself. The main thing is to be healthy and happy.


                Originally posted by Mighty Grasshopper View Post
                i'm just curious to see if people on here take vitamin supplements at all? whether it's a daily vitamin supplement, or perhaps more elaborate health products (eg. green tea/fat burners, joint supplements, antioxidant blend, etc).

                I actually consult for a variety of supplement manufacturers (quality assurance, regulatory compliance - fun, i know) and have seen my fair share of not so great, scam companies and the more quality based, ethical ones.

                Many "experts" say that supplements should be taken, while other 'experts" only say you're wasting your money.

                for me, i don't normally take them but I can see value in it for those that do, but i can also see how many companies can take advantage of those vulnerable or not armed with knowledge.
                Sure, I usually do a little research before deciding on the best supplements. I find articles on this website helpful
                naturalproductsinsider org
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                  One a day multivitamin, multimineral for 50+ (no iron).
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                    I take a multivitamin everyday.


                      It's good to take vitamins daily to boost our immune system, however, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are the best way to meet the requirement our body needs every day.


                        I do. I take vitamin E and vitamin C.


                          what is vitamin supplement?




                              I don't actually take vitamin supplements. I suppose I should, really. Anyhow, they do work and I agree people who need them are right to take them. As they say on the packaging, they improve nutrition levels and assist people with medical conditions.


                                Yes I do, has a great selection of supplements worth buying. The complete essentials for women made me feel great.
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