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Do you guys take a vitamin supplement?

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  • have proper and sufficient vegetable in daily life


    • I started getting a fungus infection around my mouth with layers in the corners and dry skin across my cheeks and forehead. I noticed if I ate fortified food like cereal or lots of breads several days in a row it would go away. So my husband added centrum to my nightly insomnia pills and it has all gone away. Apparently in his research he found there is a fungus that can be caused by low b vitamins. Personally I feel if you are going to take 1 vitamin you should take a full spectrum as well because too much of one vitamin without any extra of others can cause you to not absorb enough of those other vitamins in your diet. You have to keep it balanced.


      • I really don’t think the essential of taking supplements of vitamins as having whole foods are enough to maintain the natural process of body. Vitamins are both water and fat soluble, though water soluble vitamins can easily be excreted through urine but fat soluble vitamins remains deposited in the body causing a risk for various chronic disease.


        • Our body requires essential minerals and vitamins for every process and function, so aside from eating healthy foods I also take vitamins from here because health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including heart problems, high cholesterol levels, and eye and skin disorders. Most vitamins facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which cannot be performed by any other nutrients.
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          • Originally posted by Mighty Grasshopper View Post
            i'm just curious to see if people on here take vitamin supplements at all? whether it's a daily vitamin supplement, or perhaps more elaborate health products (eg. green tea/fat burners, joint supplements, antioxidant blend, etc).

            I actually consult for a variety of supplement manufacturers (quality assurance, regulatory compliance - fun, i know) and have seen my fair share of not so great, scam companies and the more quality based, ethical ones.

            Many "experts" say that supplements should be taken, while other 'experts" only say you're wasting your money.

            for me, i don't normally take them but I can see value in it for those that do, but i can also see how many companies can take advantage of those vulnerable or not armed with knowledge.
            Sure, I usually do a little research before deciding on the best supplements. I find articles on this website helpful
            naturalproductsinsider org
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            • One a day multivitamin, multimineral for 50+ (no iron).
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              • I take a multivitamin everyday.


                • I don't actually take vitamin supplements. I suppose I should, really. Anyhow, they do work and I agree people who need them are right to take them. As they say on the packaging, they improve nutrition levels and assist people with medical conditions.


                  • Yes I do, has a great selection of supplements worth buying. The complete essentials for women made me feel great.
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