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Has anyone try the keto diet?

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  • Has anyone try the keto diet?

    I've heard lots of good things, I've also heard it's really hard to do. I guess the point is to eat a low amount of carb so a fat burning ketosis will trigger inside your body.

    Have any opinions on it? I may give it a try and see how I feel.

  • Couple years ago, eliminated carbs over a 2 week period (only eating veggies and some chicken) . This was because felt I was eating too many carbs and a way to get off dependency of them. Believe lost 5 or 10 lbs in 2 weeks. (if remember correctly) However, that was mostly water weight, not actual fat loss. As soon as carbs came back in, within a few days the loss was gone.
    Carbs, protein, and heathy fats are all actually important in your diet. Eliminating any major nutrient for long periods of time is not healthy. Those major nutrients all serve functions in the body.

    Welcome to the forum!


    • I follow a low keto diet but I have not eliminated carbs. You need some carbs in your diet just the right ones and in moderation. I started with superfood nutrition for a few days and then a two day cleanse, craving for carbs are gone!! Carbs are so addictive and it is difficult to get off of them if your an addict and so many people struggle with this. I lost 50 lbs. eazy peazy!! I now have no cravings at all and feel so energetic!! Stay away from processed foods...they are so damaging to your health. A box on a shelf is no way a healthy option. I find creative ways to make exciting main dishes, vegetables etc. and keep them in a recipe site so it never gets boring. Good luck, give it a try, you will be so glad you did!!


      • Rather than following a Keto diet, I've chosen to follow a Paleo one instead. However recently both myself and my husband decided to eliminate as much carbs from our diet as possible. Both of us have found it useful. In fact through it my husband has lost more than 6 kilos in the past month.


        • I have thought of doing Keto, but I don't think I'll be able to stay committed to it. I do the typical high protein, low carb and I'm doing fine with it. Each to their own I guess


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