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Do you forget to eat vegetables?

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  • Do you forget to eat vegetables?

    I like vegetables but I often forget to include them in my meals. Does this happen to anyone else? How have you tried to fix it?

  • No, I never forget my veggies! It's nearly all I eat!
    If you are having trouble remembering them with meals, then make them your snacks.
    Out of curiosity, what are meals consisting of, if no veggies are on your plate?

    Maybe you need an overhaul of your thinking and approach toward meals.
    Are you making a list or a menu for meal time?
    Have you tried preparing the veggies or salad ahead?

    Talk to me about what you've been doing and what you've tried and maybe I can offer suggestions.


    • Of course, I forget to eat my veggies all the time. Simply because I don't think about it until I've finished eating. But you can use drink powder called greens that will give you the same amount of nutrients from veggies.


      • I do a lot of cooking with my sister and we use a lot of vegetables. We steer clear of fried, processed foods. We will have the occasional Chinese takeaway, though. Anyhow, our dishes are always full of veg. If you're prepared to put in the effort there are so many tasty meals that include vegetables. They go with rice and pasta. You can whip up a tasty meal in less than and hour, if you want to.


        • To me its the texture of most vegetables rather than the taste. I can put away some raw carrots, celery, and from time to time will enjoy a salad made of various mixed greens…but I eat vegetables more because I have a concept that they provide nutrients rather than something I actually WANT to eat.


          • I don't like raw vegetables or salads. I much rather have heated food. I avoid lettuce and other raw veg. But I will happily eat my vegetables steamed or in a sauce. I had vegetable & chicken soup last night. It was delicious. We put in carrots, celeriac, leeks and mushrooms. We also added bay leaves and vegetable granules. Vegetable granules are our secret ingredient! Anyhow, veg doesn't have to be boring. In fact, veg adds a lot of flavour. I definitely never forget to eat them!


            • Earlier I use to forget to include Veggies in my diet. Now I have made a sticker which says "Eat Vegetables" and stuck it in my kitchen. Also I have kept a small wooden box on my dining table, which has "Eat Vegetable" written on it. This has helped me to remember to eat vegetables


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