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Struggling with macros

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  • Struggling with macros

    Long term lurker, new member/poster and looking for some help.

    I've been working with a PT for a few months, my first goal was to correct my technique which I think caused a few injuries. We're now looking at my nutrition so I can try to loose some fat as well as getting fitter / more muscle but I'm really struggling with hitting my macros at all + when I try to eat more I'm going over my cal target. Eating more food than I want when I'm trying to loose fat seems counter intuitive.

    I'm 5'10 and 88kgs. Goals I have are 1628 cal, 122g carb, 204g protein and 36g fat. It's the protein I'm really struggling with.

    Suppose what I'm asking is a) does this sound reasonable to anyone whose been doing this for a while and b) any suggestions for hitting macros within cal target. I've already got shakes and bars on order but still falling short on MFP projections.


  • That doesn't seem like a lot to me but....I've never tracked it that closely?

    Are you eating food for nutrition & protein or are you using the supplemental bars and powders?


    • I avoid tracking like the plague, so I'm not much help there. Whole plants tend to be nutrient dense, so that's my first thought. Greens, seaweed, nutritional yeast, legumes, and seeds are good for protein. Nuts are too, but they're a little more fat/calorie heavy.

      Some fruits are denser with protein too. It's just hit and miss and you have to watch the fats and carbs. I was making my own shakes a while back using stuff like goji, cacao, plantain/banana, seaweed, seeds and greens and putting on muscle mass without even trying.

      One more thing: WELCOME!
      "Those sowing seed with tears
      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


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