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Caloric intake question. Too little just as bad as too much?

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  • Caloric intake question. Too little just as bad as too much?

    Been counting calories in/out. I have a program on my phone and based on my height/weight and goal, it gives you x amount of calories and a time frame of when you can expect to lose the weight.

    So the program gives me 2700, awesome. I was told I should try and get as close as I can to 2700 in order to not lose muscle, but still lose fat. Is this true? Most days I'm barely over 2k. Should I be forcing myself to eat more?

  • Why aren't you eating more? Not hungry?

    I struggle trying to figure out the relationship between calories, muscle-building, and fat loss myself. What I know is that the body has a mind of it's own and will move the bar on you when you switch things up with your diet and exercise. This is one of the reasons I don't bother with calorie counting. If lack of hunger is the reason, I'd listen to your body over your phone.

    The one thing I'm fairly sure of is that exercise, especially resistance training, makes the body prioritize muscle maintenance and growth. So whatever your caloric intake, exercise will make it hesitant to use your muscles for energy and instead focus on your food and stored fat.

    Also, the timing of your eating makes a difference. All things being equal, someone that eats 2000 kcal/day will be more muscular if the only eat in a 8 hr period of time versus eating the same amount from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed.
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    • Katingo, what are you eating?
      Try more calorie dense foods if simply increasing calories is the goal. What other guidelines are in your weight loss plan?


      • Agreed, Stillness.


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