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Trying Supplements for Tooth Decay

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  • Trying Supplements for Tooth Decay

    I ordered Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, Non-Gelatin capsules. I'm trying them out because I have cavities and I've read positive reviews on multiple websites about fermented cod liver oil healing and repairing tooth decay and rebuilding the tooth enamel. People have also stated that it has healed skin conditions and pain within the body. I'm sure there are many other benefits to it as well.

  • There is nothing that will reverse tooth decay once it has happened except good dental work. The items you listed may help with preventing further problems (although I've never heard of any of this working) but will not reverse decay.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Originally posted by Claret View Post
      There is nothing that will reverse tooth decay once it has happened except good dental work. The items you listed may help with preventing further problems (although I've never heard of any of this working) but will not reverse decay.
      I believe it can be reversed with proper nutrition. I'm trying it myself and so I'll know the truth then.


      • Originally posted by Jane Black
        You need to consume more calcium and vitamin K in order to prevent further decay on other teeth.
        I will take that into consideration. Thank you.


        • Agreed, Jane Black


          • Originally posted by Loric2014
            Hello everybody. For myself, I found that supplements Vitamin D3 helped restore the enamel on my (previously quite sensitive teeth). Eating and eating a significant amount of dairy products did not help, nor calcium / magnesium supplements (even those that added vitamin D2). I am of the opinion that vitamin D3 is very important for tooth enamel, but that vitamin D2 is almost useless (although there may be scientific data pointing to the other). I took 1000 mg D3 daily for several months without seeing any improvement, but when doubling to 2000 mg daily things started to turn around. (In winter, I take 3000 mg per day, and in summer I reduce until 2000). Vitamin D3 is the only supplement that I take daily, I refused all the others. Many healthy foods can be killed on your teeth. Tomatoes, lemons, vinegar, salted lactic acid - any acid substance can cause as much or more damage than bacterial caries. I love acid products, but they need to learn to eat them in moderation or, at least, carefully rinse well with water after eating. We know about calcium for bones and teeth. Good! We learned about vitamin D. Okay. Now we need to know about the balance between fat-soluble vitamins D and K! Good luck to everyone and do not be ill!
            Thanks for sharing!


            • I agree tooth decay cannot be reversed,it is like a fruit or vegetable gone bad.
              Last edited by RumiC; 02-04-2019, 04:11 AM.


              • I think preventing tooth decay is better than curing tooth decay. Fortunately my dad paid for my dental treatments and so I have nice teeth. I actually use an electric toothbrush now. I received it at Christmas. I actually love my teeth. I avoid sweets, definitely. I used to eat sweets, but they stain the teeth. I did not want that.

                Anyhow, I would advise anyone use an electric toothbrush.


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