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  • Chocolate!

    Are you addicted? I am! OK, it is not a good thing, but I have a big addiction to the stuff. I eat a chocolate bar every day. However, though, it hasn't affected my weight. Odd but true!

    Do you love chocolate? Which is your favourite chocolate bar? I do love Cadbury fruit & nut. Cadbury's chocolate is delicious. I don't eat dark chocolate, however: I much prefer milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is too bitter and tasteless for me. Milk all the way!

  • I love milk chocolate and some types of dark chocolate. I can easily start a habit of eating chocolate which will be detrimental to my diabetes control so I resist even having any chocolate around.
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    • I would be, if I ate it. Sugar is a vicious cycle for me. A candy bar a day might not cause me weight gain (but it probably would..lol) but what it WOULD do is cause me to crave other undesirable things. Sugar begets sugar. When I have it, my body begins to crave other things that will also cause a rise in my glucose levels whether it be candy or other nutritionless carbohydrates that give me that quick spike of glucose. Then the combination of all of those things DO cause me to gain weight, cause my A1C to go up, and generally just a deterioration of my well-being.

      It's something I have to be very mindful of. But, for what it's worth I love Lindt milk chocolate truffles. :-D
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • What do you all know about cacao?

        I think food manufacturers have hijacked our bodies' natural, healthy drives, like the "sweet tooth." A sweet tooth is a good thing because sweet things are good for us if they grow from the ground. Cacao, which is the bean that's the basis for chocolate, is also good for us before it's processed and has sugar and junk dumped into it.

        I just checked amazon and the 5 pound bag of cacao I have is $45 bucks. I bought it in august and it will probably last me until the summer/fall of next year. I pour it into smaller mason jars for easy access because I eat it all the time - in oatmeal, sandwiches, smoothies, cereal, from the palm of my hand. It's not just a snack or dessert for me, it's a staple.

        And it's not just a "health" thing. I prefer the taste of a handful of goji berries or a banana with a little cacao to any sugary confection. I never have any desire for chocolate. It's not because I'm disciplined or health-conscious. It's because it's inferior in flavor, effect on the body, and cost to what I eat all the time.

        Originally posted by Ashlee T. View Post
        Sugar begets sugar.
        If you're referring to processed sugar, yeah. But if you mean sugar in general, I challenge you to eat as much of the sweetest fresh fruit you can find and see what happens. You can only eat so many oranges before your body says "enough." And you're probably not going to be wanting a snickers afterward.
        "Those sowing seed with tears
        Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


        • Chocolate is my weakness, yes. Sweets in general are something that I struggle with continuously.
          I believe I've come across studies to show the "addictive" nature of our processed sugars.


          • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
            I believe I've come across studies to show the "addictive" nature of our processed sugars.
            Study or not, I think all you have to do is look at the epidemic of all the diseases directly caused by diet to get an indication that food is addictive. Whether it's in an official psychological manual or not, the deleterious effects on the body, the compulsion, the self-deception and denial all look just like any addiction I've ever heard of.

            I recently found out that processed sugar causes cavities. I remember always hearing that, even as a boy, but I didn't know that the causation was so clear. People who don't eat processed sugar don't get cavities. That blew my mind. It made sugar look more drug-like than ever, like methamphetamine or something. It just destroys the body.
            "Those sowing seed with tears
            Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


            • You're right, Stillness: food - especially sugar - is addictive. And it does damage the body, if taken in excess.

              I have to say, I have an addiction to sugar: I cannot get enough. Whilst others are addicted to cigarettes or drugs, I am addicted to sugar. I literally shake and panic if without the stuff. I MUST eat chocolate or a slice of cake. I cannot live without it. And I have tried going without: needless to say, that method didn't work. I have tried willpower and all that gubbins. Again, it doesn't work. Because when you've got an addiction, going cold turkey doesn't work. And I don't think it is greed, either.

              Anyway, chocolate is delicious. I have also found it interesting reading everyone's posts. Lots of opinions.


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