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Is there any way to make cooking fun?

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  • Is there any way to make cooking fun?

    Hi all!
    Recently I've been doing a deal of thinking, and since this is my senior year at high school, I think it's about time I started learning how to cook.
    It's not that I haven't tried before, but to me it's just...tedious.
    I mean, I can't even master a grilled cheese, for goodness sakes. I'd really like to be able to make some simple meals atleast by the time I graduate. Sure, I could just go buy a recipe book and get started, but like I said, I lack motivation. How can I make cooking more enjoyable, and something I'll be able to suceed at when I have a place of my own?
    I don't want to be one of those people who rely on frozen foods and PB&J's the rest of their lives...

  • Do you enjoy the foods you cook for yourself? All of a sudden I'm hungry for grilled cheese :P I make bangin' grilled cheese.
    I didn't learn how to cook properly until I had someone I wanted to cook for ... and after that, when I was the only one who would cook for me. Cook things you enjoy eating, and maybe you can get over the tedium.
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    • hehe teenagewoman,

      Your post reminded me of me...a lot of years ago. it was always my mum that cooked for the family, so I never really got the chance to experiment. But you could! My Mum bought me a 'how to cook meals for one' book when I left to go to university....seriously...you can't go wrong...it's just following instructions...if you can read, you can cook! Get an easy to read cook book....and arrange a 'dinner party' with your friends...take it in turns...at each other's houses....learn together...it could be fun :-) Unless you are cooking something REALLY adventurous...it shouldn't take more than 30mins prep...even an unmotivated person can handle that!
      And dare I say it...some things in life are tedious...and well we just have to get on with it :-) Better a bit of 'tedious' cooking than a lifetime of obesity.


      • Find someone to cook with you.

        That's always pretty fun.


        • Thank you all! You all have had great ideas! I especially love the idea of the dinner party. And cooking with a friend. I'll go to the library or bookstore and find a beginners guide to cooking! As for the food..I love to make grilled PB&Js..and grilled cheese. It's a start. Also, since I was little I have learned to make excellent pancakes. Sure, they are very easy to put together, but I have a knack to make them perfectly golden brown and delicious


          • Good starting point! It's all attitude and being prepared. Read through the recipe first, Make certain you have everything you need and know what you have to do. Any parts that you can prepare ahead of putting it all together, do. For example if you are making a cake; measure and sift your flour, leavening and salt 3 or 4 times first, grease and flour your pan(s), preheat your oven, measure out the water or milk that will alternate with the flour, if you have to melt some chocolate or butter put it in the oven in an oven proof dish so it will melt as the oven preheats. Then the entire thing will go together really easily, You'll just cream the sugar and shortening (I use applesauce instead of shortening), add the vanilla and eggs and chocolate (if called for) then start with alternating the flour and liquid. You'll have that cake going into the oven before you know it!

            An excellent book for beginners if you really want to learn to cook beyond the grilled cheese level is James Patterson's, Essentials of Cooking.


            • Some people are just born to cook. i was raised in a more country style family so my Mom cooked for us everyday. Since I was the only girl I was always helping so cooking to me come natural. My boyfriend is amazed with some of the things I can do but others never learn because they never had a reason. I commend you on you wanted to try. Cooking can be a pain sometimes, even for people like me who normally love to cook. I'm 26 and can make prize winning homemade pumpkin pie. Still not sure why people get grossed out when they find out i used acutally pumpkin to make it (duh thats why its pumpkin pie)...lol!!! I am a pampered chef consultant and I have access to a bunch of really good quick recipes. Of course they all call to use pampered chef products but between you and me, you can use it with anything. When I get home, i'll break out my cook book and post a few simple recipes. They have a killer ham and cheese calzone. man that is one of my favs and it only take about 20 mins to prepare and cook


              • Cooking with friends is always a good idea. Invite some friends over. Especially those who are very good cooks.


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