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Easy and Tasty Side Dishes with pics

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  • Easy and Tasty Side Dishes with pics

    Garlic Green Beans

    What you'll need:

    Fresh cut green beans washed and dried thoroughly with the ends cut
    Table Salt - normally i'd use sea salt, but the smaller the grain the more the salt will stick to the beans
    Black Pepper - same thing here...the finer the pepper the better. Freshly ground doesn't work well.
    Garlic Powder
    Fresh Minced Garlic
    Olive Oil


    Make sure beans are completely dry. Toss green beans in pan with olive oil on low heat until coated. Add all spices to taste. Top with freshly minced garlic. Fry until desired consistency. Make sure you add oil before the spices so the spices adhere to the green beans evenly.
    These go well with chicken/pork/beef/salmon....pretty much any meat.

    Rosemary Potatoes

    You'll need-
    Red potatoes or any potatoes with a thin skin. Diced into dice size bits.
    Red Pepper - optional but good for a slight kick
    Freshly chopped rosemary
    Olive oil

    Add olive oil to a mixing bowl. Add in diced potatoes. Mix until potatoes are covered evenly in oil. Add in spices and mix thoroughly again. Dump contents into a baking dish and bake on 350 for 35- 40 mins or until desired consistency is reached. I like mine on the softer side. You may also turn potatoes halfway through the cooking time but it isn't required. These go well with pork especially, lamb and chicken.

    shown with my world famous ribs.

  • Ahh- I forget to mention that lately i've been adding onion slivers to the rosemary potatoes and it turns out great!


    • OMG, these look and sound terrific...is that a corn muffin on that plate?
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      • Man, those dishes look delicious

        I am always looking for new recipes to try and these look very good, I'm definitely going to try them.
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        • it seem delicious espect second one


          • Those green beans look yummy!! I will have to go to The Fresh Market and pick up some to make this weekend. You don't happen to have any good spinach recipes do you?
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