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BBQ Chicken Pitas

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  • BBQ Chicken Pitas

    These are awesome.

    These are also slightly complicated as they require a couple of different prepared foods to be made.

    I make BBQ chicken legs, and cut the meat off the bone, and for the garnish I make a Northern Indian type salad. You don't have to make the salad for your garnish, but it tastes amazing with it.

    For chicken:

    Skinned chicken legs
    Garlic Powder
    Your favorite BBQ Sauce
    White flour pitas...i use old world...they taste amazing and are 100 cals each.


    Skin chicken legs and set in a container. Sprinkly liberally with spices and set aside. It should look like this:

    Northern Indian Salad

    You'll need:

    Half a cucumber skinned
    Whole white onion
    Whole vine ripened tomato
    1 cup of cilantro
    1 Lime
    Rock Salt
    Chaat Masala - a spice that can be bought at **any** east indian grocery


    Cut cucumber into thin slivers. Cut onions into slivers as well. Cut thin slices of tomato. Chop cilantro into fine pieces.
    Add onions to bottom of a container. Sprinkle with all listed spices. Add cucumbers on top, sprinkle with all spices. Add tomatoes on top of cucumbers, sprinkle with all spices. Add cilantro. Squeeze the juice from the lime on top. Add about 3/4 cup of vinegar. Cover and shake vigorously. Set in freezer for 15 mins. Take it out and shake it...add more spices if needed. I usually add more salt. Put back in freezer for another 15 mins. Take it out and shake....it should be done....then set aside in fridge. It should look like this:

    Grill your chicken legs. When chicken is done coooking after about 15-20 mins, put in a container or aluminum foil and add barbecue sauce. Let sit for about 5 minutes in foil or sealed container. It will continue to cook and reabsorb some moisture.

    Heat your pita until soft. Cut chicken off the bone. Combine chicken, salad and whatever garnish you would like to pita. I use a bit of miracle whip or ranch dressing, add the chicken, then the salad, then lettuce and cheddar cheese then mustard. You are free to garnish as you please.

    Mine looked like this. Cheers:

  • Looks wonderful.
    You could bake the chicken as well. Probably a more traditional way to prepare the salad would be to chop or dice the veggies, then they go into the pita pocket more easily.


    • looks delicious
      my signature:……:p


      • LOL - if you look closely I took a bite out of the first one before taking the picture.

        I just noticed that LOL!


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