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Anyone have a great guacamole recipe?

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  • Anyone have a great guacamole recipe?

    I love guacamole! I'd love some new recipes tho
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  • Yes.

    2 Medium ripe Avocados.
    Half a medium sized white onion...diced.
    Half a medium sized tomato...diced.
    1 HOT green chile. The smaller the better...diced.
    Juice from one small fresh lime.
    2 tablespoons of cilantro diced.
    Salt to taste.
    Pepper to taste.

    Add avocado to a medium sized bowl. Smash a bit. Mix in all ingredients adding spice and lime juice last. Make sure to keep the pit in the mixture...it will prolong the freshness of the dip.

    To die for.


    • Fantastic!!!!! I can't wait to try it..

      I was eyeing the avocados at the market tonight, but thought, no, no, that doesn't go with the shrimp scampi!
      [IMG]http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n78/jennimassa/pinupgirls-1.jpg[/IMG]C'mon girls - let's have some FUN!


      • Update!

        I now add about an inch of minced ginger to the above.

        Gives it a nice zing!


        • so that's what the pit is in there for. My friends does that all the time but never told me what it's for
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          • i realize this this is an older thread but many of my friends claim i mest the best guac they have had. If you are still interested i can type it up really quick if you'd like. Just let me know
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            • Originally posted by ocularone View Post
              i realize this this is an older thread but many of my friends claim i mest the best guac they have had. If you are still interested i can type it up really quick if you'd like. Just let me know
              Please share! =)


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