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How can I make my one of my fav dishes out at home?

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  • How can I make my one of my fav dishes out at home?

    one of my favorite dishes is from olive garden it's the portobello mushroom ravioli in a creamy smoked cheese and sun-dried tomato sauce. I really wanna try making it at home b/c its so yummy. So if anyone has an ideas that would be great... And if you have a DIET recipe idea for it that would be super awesomesauce!!!
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  • I would suggest you purchase the ravioli, sundried tomatoes & some smoked cheese

    With the sauce,

    Cook your mushrooms sliced in butter on low in a fry pan, if possible with a little garlic and a pinch of black pepper. Once cooked, grate 1/2 cup of the smoked cheese and add, 1/3 of a small carton of cream and the cheese into the pan (still on very low), and stir until the cheese melts into the cream.. Taste test if it's cheesy enough or else grate a little more and add it in... Then add your sun dried tomatoes and keep stiring for around 2 minutes and they should be hot...

    Off course, boil your water and add your ravioli into it and it should be ready in about 20 minutes on high. You can pull one out and eat half of it to test if it's ready but they usually swell up enough so that you can see they are cooked.

    To make a different style of tomato if you want and it's a long process but slice a tomato very thin and place on a grease proof paper or a baking dish with a little oil and have on the lowest temperature for around 2hrs, checking every 30 mins, then leave on your counter with glad wrap over night and use those as an alternative in the sauce.



    • Ummm, that sounds delicious. One note: soak the sundried tomatoes to soften before use. I put them in a cup with a some boiling water - kind of like making tea.


      • A note:
        Prettymuch anything you make at home is going to be MUCH healthier than what you get in a restaurant. You can control your oil, your portions, the amount of cream or cheese you put in it ... everything!
        Can I jack this to be a "restaurant replica" thread? I just mastered General Tso's Chicken.
        The sauce:
        4 tsp cornstarch
        3 tbsp rice vinegar
        4 tbsp cooking sherry
        6 tbsp granulated sugar
        6 tbsp soy sauce
        1/8 tsp ground ginger
        1 tbsp minced garlic
        (1/8 tsp oyster sauce, optional)
        Mix in a bowl, set aside.
        Cut 2 large chicken breasts (or equivalent of boned leg meat) into one inch square chunks. Cover with a mixture of cornstarch flavored with ground ginger. Fry in shallow oil until brown and cooked through. Drain and clean the pan, then add the chicken back along with the sauce. You can also add any vegetables you like (I've tried carrots, green onions, and sweet pea pods on different occasions.) You can also add dried red peppers to the sauce (just don't eat them, unless you REALLY like spicy foods!)
        Serve over white rice (2 cups dry.) All the portions I've given will serve 3 dinner-sized portions. I've heard it doesn't keep well in the fridge, but I've made it twice now for company and it disappears every time!
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        • I will try that CW.

          And sure go ahead Little.
          Dead animals don't equal fashion it equals cruelty


          • Originally posted by WildChild View Post
            Ummm, that sounds delicious. One note: soak the sundried tomatoes to soften before use. I put them in a cup with a some boiling water - kind of like making tea.
            Hmmm that may work I can remember it the tomoatoes were whole or pureed in the recipe. I just know its good
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            Dead animals don't equal fashion it equals cruelty


            • If you are looking for recipes to be just like or very similar to Olive Garden's version, then you can go on a search engine like google and look up copy cat recipes for Olive Garden's portobello mushroom ravioli.

              I did this myself for their Zuppa Toscana soup because I love it so much I wanted to make it at home. The copy cat recipe I found was about as close to OG's version as it could possibly be!


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