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Zucchini recipes

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  • Zucchini recipes

    Does anyone have any good (healthy) zucchini recipes? I have never tried it but bought some to try and dont' know how to make it where it will be low calorie. I know people fry it but I am wanting to avoid frying it.

  • you can saute them with some olive oil is really good. My favorite for spring and summer though, is to grill them. One of my favorite fresh quick dishes to make during the summer is to slice some zucchini, squash, and red onion and quickly saute them with some olive oil (or butter if you are going for less healthy ) then thick cut some fresh tomatoes from the vine and toss them in and let it cook down for just a few minutes. chop some fresh basil and toss it in there as well. add a pinch of sea salt and when your veggies are the softnes that you enjoy, remove and enjoy

    i also have a good recipe for pasta primavera that has loads of delicious veggies (red, yellow, orange peppers, onion, asparagus, zucchini, carrots) that is also really easy
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    • I put mine with some canned tomatoes, spinach and peppers in lasagna I skip the meat and make this lower calorie/lower fat option...it's yummy and only takes about 30 minutes with the new no boil noodles
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