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totally healthy icecream!!

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  • totally healthy icecream!!

    Nope, its not an oxymoron in this case to say healthy icecream!

    Only one ingredient is needed as well whats more.

    Chop and freeze two bananas.
    When frozen place in a processor and blend until creamy.

    Thats all folks and is totally yum. Tastes just like icecream too Unfortunately I don't think this can be kept and needs to be eaten straight away..

    For a variation add 1/3 cup frozen strawberries and 3 tbsps cream after bananas are blended and blend again.

    With the strawbrries this icecream can be kept frozen for an hour or so before eating.

  • Healthy ice cream you can make with yogurt and any kind of fruits you have at home.
    Hello world!


    • sounds awesome! i will try


      • Where is my ice cream?


        I am new here and would like to have ice cream with you...lol...


        • Sounds totally awesome, and really easy. Will try this one day.


          • nice idea....will give that a try later on!
            To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


            • I have tried this many times! really tasty and healthy!! I also did this yogurt and berries (added some honey for the sweetier taste).


              • You can actually use Green Tea Matcha powder to make relatively healthy home made green tea ice cream that tastes really nice!
                A healthy outside starts from the inside!


                • I really need to invest in a food processor, there are so many tasty treats I'm missing out on. I think I'd throw some lowfat vanilla yogurt in that bad boy and go to town!

                  My wife made oatmeal pancakes this morning, they are actually better than regular(less healthy) pancakes. I've never had them before this morning, try the out. I'd write the recipe here but I'm feeling lazy right now. Maybe later. Thanks for the ice cream idea!
                  I'm Lee...


                  • I'll usually do it with blending together avocado, 2 bananas, tea spoon of peanut butter, blend, then throw it in the freezer for 30 mins and voila.


                    • Mmm I bet a big spoonful of cocoa would go great with this! I regularly see frozen banana's as the "base" for healthy, homemade ice cream recipes. If you search around a bit you can see how creative some people have made it!
                      But for simplicity sake, plain banana ice cream is a home run!


                      • Thanks for your post. Keep updating similar kind of posts in future.


                        • Wow.... it is really easy and healthy. Thanks for sharing this delicious ice cream recipe.


                          • I returned to this thread on ice cream... ppl on WH do not seem to be cooking much, no? There are hardly posts on recipes=). Well if you prefer uncooked stuff instead, i wish more ppl would share their simple recipes. I'm not a good cook actually, and thats why search on these sometimes. But with all the selections out there, it could be mind boggling...and uses so much time! Sometimes it's better with 1 or 2 suggestions here nd there.


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