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Keeping fruit fresh longer

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  • Keeping fruit fresh longer

    I found that if you put bananas in the refrigerator-even if they turn blackish on the outside,they are fine on the inside..they keep for days!
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  • I've found putting bananas in the fridge makes them go riper quicker, but maybe it is just the skin. I keep mine on the bench, and they easily keep for over a week. And if they get a bit ripe,I make banana bread or smoothies which are yum!

    My boyfriend reckons if you keep bananas with other fruit they make the other fruit ripen quicker, so we keep them separate from the other fruit. Mostly I make sure to buy fruit that isn't quite ripe, so by the time you go to use it it hasn't gone off. I keep most fruit on the bench, but refrigerate melons and berries.


    • Ripening fruit gives off ethylene which causes other fruit to ripen. I put bananas in the refrigerator when they get to full ripeness or slightly overripe. I find the refrigerated bananas cool and creamy. The slight overripe flavor is muted. I don't usually refrigerate melons until they are cut.
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      • try this Amazing banana bread


        • fruits get ripe if you live them for long time in open place. but it is as usual in refrigerator. when you use it you should keep it in a dry place to get it at room temperature first.


          • i love garlic bread its so yummy....


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