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French dishes

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  • French dishes

    Hi girls,

    We will receive friends and relatives from France next week, I’d like to prepare that famous traditional French dishes, “Beef bourguignon” it is called but I don’t have any recipes. What would you recommend me?

  • Google is your best friend. It will include pictures so you can't go wrong.


    • Hi Diarry,

      I know little about French dishes but when my son and his children come to visit us every year, her wife use to prepare delicious meals including this Beef bourguignon; its taste depends on the ingredients you’re going to use I think, she usually use mushrooms and vegetables.


      • Good news, I don’t know much about French dishes but you can find lots of recipes if you make researches, yet you can order (removed outbound link) meals, it will lessen your task.
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        • They arrive on Wednesday afternoon; I made researches and didn’t find easy recipes. I’m worrying because I won’t have enough time. Talking about meal order, I discovered Delices & Gourmandises recently, what do you think of this brand?


          • Generally speaking, French people eat rather simply. Those huge gourmet meals might be a treat once in a while but certainly is not an every day event. What they are big on is well prepared food, served elegantly, usually with a nice sauce. Fruit and cheese can be used as a desert or with bread as a lunch.

            If they are coming to you to experience your hospitality, anything you make will be appreciated. Make sure you serve it nicely, add a bottle of wine and some good conservation and you'll be good to go.
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            • If they arrive on Wednesday afternoon, you’ll have enough time since you can invite them for lunch on Thursday; As far as meal order is concerned, Delices & Gourmandises send their products within 2 days if I was not wrong.So, you still have time for any other preparation.


              • Why not introduce them to some American dishes. They can get better French food at home.

                Just make sure you have some French roast coffee, I've heard they don't like any other kind.
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                • The party was just great, they were so delighted and a bit amazed since they didn't expect me to prepare French meal. Fortunately, Delices & Gourmandises products arrived on time, they didn’t know that it was meal order, I received many compliments. Next week, I’ll introduce them American dishes chaya, the best one


                  • you can try some favorite dishes that you like and they never heard. try something different that can be good for health and having a delicious taste.


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