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Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle,. A new challenge for February 2013

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  • Cyndie- that sounds really good i'll defiantly have to give that a try, thank you for posting it! and I must say it's nice to see you back here posting, I hope it's not a one time thing?


    • Afternoon I have been super busy with work and a total remodel we are having done to our master bath. Thank goodness we are at the halfway point. I don't know what the deal is but this week I have been starving all day long. It isn't a good thing and I am trying to be good. Tomorrow we are running a 5K as a family and I am excited. I just hope the rain holds off like the weatherman says.

      I did have a good arm and chest workout this morning and I ran/walked on the tread mill for 30 minutes.


      • fb cover pic 2.jpg
        Hey everyone, hope your all doing great. doesn't seam like there's a whole lot of point in posting but maybe I can motivate someone to so something ......So this weekend wasn't great exercise wise but food wise wasn't too bad. This morning I got up at 5:45 and went to the gym and did the elliptical, only did 17 minutes but that's better than Thursday's 15 minutes, I burnt 235calories and went 1.13km's in that 17 minutes so not too bad. When I got home I gathered all the garbage and recycling and took it out to the curb, and so far I have swept and mopped my floors. now on to my second cup of coffee and then to do the dishes every little bit of movement counts even if it is just doing housework. Good luck to everyone on your journeys you can do anything you put your mind to!


        • Afternoon everyone sorry I haven't posted since last week been crazy around my house. We are having a bathroom totally remodeled and that has taken up a big chunk of my spare time. It should be finished by Friday.

          This weekend we ran a 5K on Saturday and we are running another one this Friday evening. I am excited and can't wait. Today I did an AB workout and then during nap time I did some leg lifts and stuff. I have eaten very good today and haven't snacked on anything I shouldn't have. Tonight for dinner I am having a nice salad with some grilled chicken in it.

          I do post on FB daily about my workouts and it is nice to see people who have been inspired by my posts. That really helps keep me on track.

          Sounds like you are doing great Gibson, keep it up.


          • I am very keen to know more about this program. I am also facing problem of overweight. I am 6 feet 5 inch guy and the weight is 80 Kg. Share dieting tips and exercise that may help me to lose weight and look smarter.


            • Nice motivation though, the post is no longer new. Well am in!


              • Getting compliments are often better than the scale telling you something because the scales don't tell the whole story. And it's just great when others notice. You are doing awesome! 25lbs lost, great job!! Weight loss before and after wooww Keep at it

                And Loch has great advice - One day at a time. If you have a bad day don't quit, because you can work past that. Quitting means you will never reach your goal while falling and getting back up simply means it will take longer than you hoped, but you WILL get there. Keep at it!


                • I have started the February tour for the weight loss and I am getting the good health now. I am continuously doing exercise and taking the diet with low carb. and I will weight soon to get my actual point. thank you.


                  • Hi all! I found a great website for diet tips from a medical doctor: themodelofhealth.com. Hope you find it as useful as I do!!


                    • I am a big pile of tired and whiny today :P But I did gym this morning, just treadmill for 20 mins at a lower pace than usual. If I get through the rest of the week going to the gym daily and doing an arm strength workout Weds, Thurs, and Fri, I think I'll get myself another pair of these spectacular yoga pants. I've never had yoga pants before, and I think I could just live in them


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