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    I've been drinking a turmeric ginger Tulsi tea. Turmeric is supposed to be great for inflammation.

    I'm flustered this morning. My mom came down yday so I could take her out for her birthday dinner. I did great yday on food so I was able to enjoy a little extra for dinner and only BARELY go over my calories for the day. But, throughout the evening I began getting a sore throat. By the night, I felt like crud. I stayed home from work today, hoping to avoid this turning into something more. Headache, sore throat, nasal congestion............ and generally just not feeling well. It seems every time I get into a solid workout routine and finally start feeling like it's slowly starting to pay off, something like this happens and sets me back.
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      amy it makes me wonder if you were reacting more to MSG in the popcorn rather than the popcorn or oil. ??
      do you remember if monosodium glutamate was an ingredient? It's also in things like Doritos and other flavored snacks, some Chinese food.

      BD I hope you're feeling better. The GI bug and respiratory sickness this year has been pretty nasty, at least in my part of the country.
      I think we've talked about turmeric tea? Didn't we? Did I share my recipe for turmeric tea?

      I went to the gym, walked a mile at a very slow pace and that was that. My back is killing me! I am taking adequate meds, but not managing the pain, stiffness and spasms. I also probably should have called off work, but...not easy to do.
      Did ok on food, but in a moment of weakness, I hade a few handfuls of gourmet cinnamon popcorn. My ability to fight off cravings is diminished in my weakened state. Er, well...I justify that I deserved the comfort food. It didnt make me feel too bad, but, between the pain meds and muscle relaxers I'm not sure if I would notice.


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        Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
        amy it makes me wonder if you were reacting more to MSG in the popcorn rather than the popcorn or oil. ??
        do you remember if monosodium glutamate was an ingredient? .
        no msg


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          atskitty2 - As I typed it, I felt that we had discussed it before but couldn't recall.

          I am feeling MUCH better today. I'm not sure if it was the extra sleep yesterday, the Zicam nose swabs, the hot tea or a combo of all, but thank goodness the head cold seems to have dissipated to nearly nothing! I'm proud of myself. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday, but I did make myself go use my cardio glider for about 20 minutes. I used it long enough to reach my calorie goal for the day. I also stuck to my food plan.

          I think the weakened self control is very normal in a state of unrest. It's more emotional/comfort eating than it is hungry, or at least that is so for me. The gourmet popcorn sounds amaazingggg.
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            BD I think the benefits of using fresh roots is likely superior to a premade tea.

            I buy the turmeric root, and either shred or cut very small. Ideally, use a diffuser or french press,, because the tiny shreds are unpleasant floaters to look at or have in your mouth.

            I use probably a tablespoon or more of turmeric per cup. I add some ginger root as well if I have it.
            Let that steep in hot water for several minutes, 5-7, then add lemon wedge, honey.

            I have used the ground turmeric powder as well, if I've ran out of root. I don't think it is as beneficial but tastes fine.


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              I think that's a great idea ats and I totally agree. I have ONE local store that sells turmeric root. My mom got me this cool tea straw that has a built in diffuser. I LOVE ginger root and the spice it adds. I'm totally trying your tea.

              I have stuck like glue to my food plan this week. My activity wasn't as high yesterday as I wanted because I cleaned house last night instead of gym. I have company coming this evening and will have no time to clean once I get off work.

              I hope you have a good, healthy weekend!
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                I got some turmeric root and ginger root this weekend but haven't made my tea yet.

                I fell off the wagon a bit this weekend where food is concerned. Didn't do anything TOO horrible (Stayed away from sugar at least) but did splurge on some not so good food choices. I'm such a sucker for a big country breakfast. My exercise on Saturday was pretty non-existent. I did get in a 2 mile walk yesterday though.

                How was your all's weekend?
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                  This was my wkend on shift, so...The opportunities for cheating were abundant. Was a busy weekend, so I'm pleased.
                  I got some gym time in on Saturday, tho I still took it easy due to my back.

                  I did quite well on my food choices, tho I had a minor lapse yesterday. I think I didn't drink enough water, as I just couldn't get back to my desk often enough to drink. I'm really noticing a change in many things when I'm teetering on dehydration.

                  I'm in recovery mode today. My long shifts are just exhausting, so I'm indulging some extra coffee-sipping time this morning. I WILL get up and do something today tho.


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                    I don't blame you. I relish in that extra coffee-sipping time when I am off from work. Great job on making good choices even though the temptations were there!

                    I did a bikram yoga class yesterday so definitely got my calorie burn in for the day. Did great on food choices. BF and I meal prepped again this past weekend for our lunches for the week. That is SO helpful!!!!!

                    I will be in NV next week for work. Making good food choices will be more of a challenge for sure and finding time to exercise in the hotel gym (assuming there is one). But, I'm going to do my best.

                    Today is work then night class so it's a long one. Got my food choices lined out. I should get home earlier than usual from class tonight so I'm going to try to talk myself into some cardio time.
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                      I'm doing well these days off. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday but I will today. I got involved in a project in the office yesterday and before I knew it, it was 11pm.

                      I plan to make veggie burgers today. Been craving that. I use a black bean base, with minimal processing, so they are quite healthy. I dress them up with avocado, tomato, spinach, cucumber, olives.... Whatever else sounds good at the time.
                      My trick for minimizing bread, is to use half a bun on bottom to build it. At the top, rather than use another bun I use a half of a wide leaf of Romaine to hold it together and keep my hands dry and make it easy to eat. Finding good quality buns is next to impossible so, I limit the intake.

                      The side will be mushrooms with spinach, that I think I've shared before.
                      So....No oils, low on processed grains...High protein and fiber, healthy fats from olives and avocado and anti inflammatory from the spinach tomatoes and red peppers. Lower acid from the vinegar in my side dish.... Always feel satisfied from this dinner.


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                        Set realistic goals while traveling BD. It should be warm enough to at least walk outside, given you're in a safe area.

                        I'm celebrating a milestone tonight. 2 miles, 37 minutes. May not seem like much, but that's amazing for me. I have not been able to keep a pace like that in years. And I'm not in pain!!!! I have some soreness and stiffness but, not pain!
                        I was nearly in tears leaving the gym. I felt like my body wanted to do more, but I didn't push, as I'm still recovering from the back issue. So thrilled. I did celebrate with strawberries dipped in a dark chocolate stuff I made, dairy free.
                        A treat, but not horrible.

                        I used to walk 15 minute miles... it had been my goal just to do a 20 minute mile within 3 months, when I started back.
                        I have well exceeded my goal! I was so sluggish starting out...to raise my speed to 3 mph was difficult. My body is fighting so hard for me!


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                          Your burgers sound great! I've been using a wide leaf in place of a bun too. I just replace the entire bun with it though. This time I'm using swiss chard.

                          Great work on your milestone!!!!! That's so great. And your treat sounds amazing. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries. So glad to hear you exceeded your goal!!

                          I got out of class early last night so I came home and did 30 min of light cardio on my glider. That thing seems to make my legs tired but doesn't get my heart rate up much over 120. BUT, it's something, and that's more than I usually get to do on class days. :-D
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                            Sticking to my food regimen this week. I've decided to lower my carb intake. If I can just get these last 9 lbs off, then I can go back into "maintenance mode" with my macros. I've done well on my exercise this week too. I went to the gym yday afternoon and did about 10 min of cardio followed by some strength training (not much. Then did 20 minutes on my glider at home before bed. I'm certainly not "kicking my butt", but I'm definitely getting more activity than I was. I'm trying to make it a habit.
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                              BD i pile up my burgers with too much stuff. I tried using a leaf on both sides once and it just didnt hold together...too slippery! lol. it was a mess.
                              if i can't find a suitable quality of bun, i have skipped it altogether and just used a fork and knife.

                              I will go to the gym today before work.
                              I should be ok on diet, i have food prepared, as long as i can survive the table of temptation at work.

                              Yesterday was ok. I had part of a bagel after dinner because i was still too hungry to be comfortable.
                              Not too bad, but, really don't want to do that.


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                                Oh yes. I think it's the toppings on a "burger" I enjoy most. Onion, tomato, pickles, mayo!

                                I was super tired (and stressed) yesterday so I did not go to the gym. I went home and did my packing for my upcoming work trip, then the bf came up to stay the night. We did 30 minutes of a p90x video and burned about 150-200 calories. I was proud of us both for doing it when we were tired! Stuck to my eating plan yesterday. Surely gotta start seeing some improvements soon!
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