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    Accountability Challenge III

    I tried a new Korean style restaurant yesterday. Was really good and healthy, tho I did have some meat on it.

    I played some tennis and then mowed my grass. So I got plenty of activity in even if it wasn't all directly workout related.

    I also treated myself to a mani/pedi. Not often I do that, but decided I needed the little bit of pampering.

    BD how's your week?

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    I went to the gym today, did some lifting and only put in 1 mile and I was done. More mentally done than anything, but I quit.

    Went out with girlfriends to dinner, then to see a band. Indulged in the prime rib, but skipped the usual more fatty sides for broccoli and a spinach based salad with a low oil dressing. We all shared a dessert. First beef I've had in probably a year, so I didn't feel too bad for that. I got the smallest portion available and had not even half of it.
    Used to be my favorite steak restaurant so, I pampered myself. Don't go there often.

    I will work out tomorrow, and if the weather clears I may go hiking with the dog.
    So, not too bad but not exactly meeting my goals.

    BD I hope you are having a good trip!


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      Can men post comments on this site?

      I've made a substantial change in my diet since my last doctors visit. My doctor has been telling me for years to cut back on the starches and I've been ignoring her, especially since my blood sugar was on the low side of normal last time. I felt justified.

      This time it wasn't. It was high. She didn't seem to be too concerned and didn't even mention it, but my weight was also up. So I finally listened. I've switched to a protein heavy diet and I can't believe how great I feel - better than I have in years. I'm not sluggish when I wake up and during the day. The general sick feeling I seem to have a lot is just entirely gone. I feel normal. Also stupid for not listening to her sooner.

      I have been working out and generally feel better once things start warming up, but this is more. I thought the whole grains (mostly brown rice) and healthy carbohydrates made it okay for me to make them a large portion of my diet. Now I know better. I didn't imagine I was still going to be so ignorant at 41. Eating is just about the most basic thing a living creature can do and I'm still learning how to do it after decades of practice.
      "Those sowing seed with tears
      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


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        Still, I don't think BD meant this as a girly type thread. just a place to keep ourselves honest. Just happens that it's mostly she and I contributing.

        I think it's great that you're learning more and changing to become healthier. It's a process, and one that has been clouded by our cultural influences here, in our poor diets. kudos to you for being willing and open to change where needed.

        I have been studying it for a year now and still trying to decipher the puzzling diet choices. Balancing and discovering what makes a difference for me.

        Today I did nothing. just absolutely nothing. I ran and did some shopping just trying to get my mind off things and motivated to move, but when I got to the gym, discovered I'd forgotten to throw socks into my gym bag...so I sabotaged my effort. came home and tried to nap, as I only had slept 4-5 hrs, and thought a hour of sleep may help...could not doze off.
        So it was a lazy day. Very lazy Sunday. I don't have those often...not this lazy anyway, so it was nice, but I feel really bad for it. Using so few calories, I didn't eat much, so I feel ok about that.


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          popping in to say good job BD, kitty, and stillness!


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            Still, to elaborate on that previous post, I think there's just so much info out there, so much good info, that it's hard to know what to believe. I read info about how our bodies are made to run on starch-healthy starches from grains and beans. Then another article says grains are our downfall, even "healthy" whole grains. Both by respectable medical sources. I'm interested in gluten now, and learning whether it plays a role in my body's decline.

            I worked hard at the gym last night. Lifted more aggressively than ever, (still minor) did 2.4 miles total, and did some squats and lunges. I felt good!
            I had stopped by the Indian grocery and bought some fresh veggies and fruit. They have a dessert there that is cheat worthy, so I got a small serving of that. Otherwise diet was good. I made a veggie wrap for lunch and then my roasted veggies for dinner.

            I was flattered in the Indian grocery. I'm obviously a white woman, and another American woman came up to me and says, "girl, you look like you know what you're doing, can you help me?". I laughed at first, but she wasn't just being complimentary...We talked for a few mins, and I shared with her what I will do with the veggies. I told her that there's ​great recipes online, they are easy and very healthy. I also told her the Indians in this market are very open and eager to help share ideas for the food. Told her that dating Indians also helps! They had mangoes from India, that were obviously better quality than the usual stores.

            Anyway, I'm rambling again...


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              atskitty2 I think that both of your sources are correct. I think it has to do with proportions.

              I just had what will probably be my only solid meal for today. It was mostly black eye peas, fresh vegetables and nuts, with very little grains - maybe 10%, if that. Before, the grains would have been probably 50% or more. After I ate in the past, I would have felt sluggish and sleepy, especially during the 2:00 hour and with a sleep deficit. Now I feel good - ready to take on the world.

              This is a huge change for me. It feels almost too good to be true.
              "Those sowing seed with tears
              Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


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                I also feel a difference Still, when I've eaten just a meal of veggies, greens and/or légumes. No grain or dairy, no meat. Occasionally I feel sluggish and find that if I just have a small serving of meat, I feel better.

                The docs whose opinions I read claim that consuming any gluten containing grains will cause problems, even if we don't have gluten sensitivities. Some claim otherwise.

                I am trying to see for myself. It's hard. I am tracking symptoms, and it's just more difficult than if I were only tracking weight. Weight matters, as it indicates over eating too...but it isn't my focus.


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                  EVERYONE is welcome, of course!

                  I left last Thursday for a hiking trip and just got back to work yesterday. We spent around 3 days hiking in a beautiful gorge, just me, bf and the dog. About 25 miles covered on foot, mostly steep increases and decreases in elevation so it was quite the workout. Yesterday I had work, then my night class to teach so it was a busy day back.

                  BF is going to help me in the gym this weekend, hoping to help me overcome my "gymtimidation". Lol.

                  Stillness - I am so glad the change is helping you!!!! It's a constant challenge, testing around to find what works best for you.
                  "Be what you're looking for."


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                    Originally posted by Beautiful Disaster View Post
                    We spent around 3 days hiking in a beautiful gorge, just me, bf and the dog.
                    Welcome back, BD. That sounds absolutely divine!


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                      Sounds great BD. Again, I am jealous!

                      What is this gymtimidation you speak of? Lol! I shall have none of that!!! 😎


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                        Kitty - It's this darn crazy social anxiety I have. Lol. Sunday night bf and I went to the gym. He acted like my personal trainer and lead me through various exercises in the "weight room" area which I never ever embark into. I decided that night that I'd begin going to the gym in the mornings before work, shower and get ready there. There are several pros to that, the first being getting my exercise out of the way early, but also because there is hardly anyone there at that time so I am not nearly as intimidated. I've gone the past two mornings. I only get about 30 minutes in, but I'm super sore so I know I'm doing something right. Another plus is that allows me to get exercise in on night class days, like today.

                        We meal prepped this weekend, breakfasts and lunch. Last week we did not meal prep because we got back from our trip Monday evening and had to work the rest of the week. I HATED not having my lunches prepped and ready. I ended up hardly eating anything all week because I just didn't have anything easy to grab. This week is MUCH better.

                        How are you all doing this week?
                        "Be what you're looking for."


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                          I'm hanging in there.

                          My goal is 5-6 days of exercise every week. Last week I did 4. This week I'm 2 for 2. Over all, this year is the best for me since 2014, so I'm pleased. The one thing severely lacking right now is cardio. Everything I've done has been resistance training so far. It's good, but not enough to get done what I know I need to get done.

                          One of the barriers for me is timing. It's psychological. Today is my lightest day. I looked at the clock before I went downstairs to work out and was back up looking at it 9 minutes later - that included about 2-3 minutes of stretching. My heavy day (tomorrow) will probably take me about 20 minutes, but on average I'm doing about 10 minutes + some stretching. That means that no matter how I feel (or don't feel), I know that I only have to put forth a few minutes of effort to feel much better. They say that short rest is best for results, but I've been focusing on it strictly to encourage myself.

                          It's not the same for cardio. You just have to put in the time. That's why I've been lazy in that area. I'll get there soon, though...
                          "Those sowing seed with tears
                          Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


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                            I'm ashamed to report....I've not been in the gym for a week. It's not been all laziness or avoidance...the weekend at work was just a nightmare...put in over 24 hrs over Sunday and Saturday, and 10 hrs friday...didn't eat well then either, but I only had the one really bad choice-pizza. I didn't have time to heat food and actually eat...I grabbed what was available and kept working...
                            all things considered, one colleague didn't leave shift for well over 24 hrs....so, I am drawing boundaries. lol

                            I have to mow today, and then I'm taking some self defense classes this evening, then I can hit the gym afterward.

                            I will go to day shift in a few weeks. I think that will help the schedule to be more regular, since I intend to go to the gym right after work...


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                              BD, it's hard for me to imagine that at the gym...my gym is odd I guess. People are very kept to themselves....nobody talks or even acknowledges really. I've spoken to a couple women there, they barely smile and keep to their whatever....it's not a friendly place but it's not that people are rude or judgy either... nobody stares or watches others...headphones and TV or people keep their head down. it's like we're all on some secret mission inside those doors...lol
                              I get a bit anxious tho, admittedly in the area of free weights. The jockeying for mirror space, the men lifting way more and my focus on correct form...it gets tense as I feel rushed to get done so others can have my space...

                              Still, baby steps....doing any little thing is better than doing nothing. whatever you do is making steps in the right direction. Keep at it!