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There are no magical secrets for weight loss !!

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  • There are no magical secrets for weight loss !!

    Hey everyone ! I am new to this forum, and I really love the community here. I would really love to become a part of it

    I want to talk about something that really makes me mad. Instagram models. Yes, everyone! Instagram models. They promote some products claiming that they are "secrets" or "shortcuts". I want to tell everybody that THEY ARE NOT PROMOTING THOSE PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU!! They are promoting them to earn commissions through affiliate marketing with certain companies. So please don't listen to them.

    However, I will mention 5 tips here that may help (you can check out this video in this link if you don't like to read (link removed )

    Proper diet: Proper diet doesn't mean eating Pizza, Burgers, Ice creams. And drinking a cup of green tea after that. People who do that remind me of the saltBae meme if you know what I mean lol ^_^. Also, there is no magical pill that will make you lose fat overnight. Do not under-eat too as it is harmful to your physical and mental health. It is all about calories intake, try to include 40% of vegetables to your diet, 30% of animal products (if you're not a vegan of course), 20% of carbs, and why not a cheat meal once a week ;D[**]Proper training: The most common mistake people do when it comes to training is making cardio their priority. However, the proper workout plan should include 50% of weightlifting especially big compound lifts, 30% of HIIT cardio (look that up if you don't know what it is), and 20% of regular cardio on the treadmill and stuff.[**]Consistency: Don't expect to see results fast. It will take quite a long time to see results. And remember, it's not a race, it's a journey.[**]Drink more water: Remember, 75% of our bodies' weight is water. Try to drink a gallon a day which equals 8 glasses of water a day. Water energizes you and keeps you fresh and hydrated.[**]Get enough sleep at night: Make sure to get 6 to 8 hours f sleep a day if you're an adult, and 8 to 10 hours if you're a child. Lack of sleep can make you unenergized, unmotivated, and lazy all the time.[/LIST]
    Remember, be consistent, don't push yourself beyond your limits, but also don't be lazy. And most importantly, enjoy the process.

    Take care!
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  • Welcome to the forums!

    Outside links are not allowed, so your YouTube link was edited.
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    • Welcome Angela! Good to have you on board.

      Have you lost weight using these tips? As far as I understand, number 1 is the only thing that matters. I've got a buddy that swears that he loses weight when he incorporates cardio into his resistance training regimen, but he's already got a strict diet and he's fairly fit. My doctor told me to forget trying to work fat off, though. The studies I've seen and my personal experience support her perspective.

      I admit I haven't been consistent over long periods of time with exercise, though. The only thing that's ever worked for me is diet. I actually had to drink less water.
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