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  • I'm not surprised that you're not doing well with that. I have had a hard time believing you've done this well up to now, as we've discussed before.

    I'd really consider getting a consultation with someone that can help you get over the wall you're up against, like we were saying before. You've made so much progress on your own, and you've come so far, I'd hate for you to lose ground or something to backfire this far in.

    I'm very sensitive and protective about people taking care of themselves. Please be very careful. You don't want to wind up getting your body into a tailspin and so out of balance that you end up with a physical disorder such as autoimmune or other condition. It happens. Take care of yourself here.


    • Thanks kitty! I spoke to one of my clients that's a trainer Friday. I briefly mentioned my issues. He really doesn't like my time restricted eating, but I think he doesn't understand it. He actually gave me mixed advice.

      He told me that with the proper meal planning, I could eat all I wanted. When I told him I was staying at the same weight he told me to keep that up because it was right and that my body would equalize. He told me to ignore the weight on the scale if I was having to tighten my belt. The problem is that I was doing time restricted eating to get that result.

      He also thinks that if I just lost 20 pounds I'd be perfect, but I want to lose a bit more. He wants to train me. I like a lot of what he said, but not all. The crazy thing is that I worked out and broke records again today with my resistance training. I can feel and see my chest and arms becoming bigger. Then I get on my elliptical and I'm exceeding my record there without trying, but intentionally slow down so I don't overdo it. When I finish, I'm at the exact same spot I was Thursday - EXACTLY at my record pace.
      "Those sowing seed with tears
      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


      • I heard something about toxic fat Still, that made me think of you.
        Have you ever looked into it?

        Apparently we can't rid ourselves of it by the detox and cleanse methods mostly used. I didn't listen into the matter long enough to get to a fix or the ultimate outcome but thought I'd mention it to you. It seems like maybe you wouldn't fit the bill for this, as your reason for hitting a wall with your weight, but thought I'd bring it up in case you didn't explore that option yet.

        Worth looking into.


        • An interesting post, atskitty2. I would also look into it.


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