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Diet pills

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  • Diet pills

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if has anyone tried any kind of weight loss pills? I need to drop some pounds and I need to try a good weight loss pill. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • No. And I would disagree that you need to try one. Diet pills are not effective long term and often bring many unwanted side effects. To lose weight is simple in terms of what to do, but difficult in terms of consistency. You need to know you TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and then reduce that by about 500 calories to put yourself into a healthy caloric deficit. Then, you need to workout consistently. Try 3 days of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises that last 15 minutes, and 3 days of circuit training with weights. Also, consider some carb cycling.
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    • I agree that you don't need weight loss pills. From time to time I've taken an herbal supplement designed to help control appetite, but that's the limit to what I'd do. I have a crazy appetite at times, so occasionally I use that to quell the appetite and help control crazy cravings. Drinking Green Tea can do this as well as other natural drinks and foods.

      Mine is partly hormonal and I simply have a big appetite, always have. If you are not cursed with the desire and ability to eat large amounts, there's probably no need in messing with your body by adding anything more than tried and true herbs and teas.

      If you are absolutely going to use something, see your doc for an exam and recommendation for a pill they're comfortable with.


      • Nope, not recommended. All a so called "diet" pill does is increase your activity level by putting you in a higher energy state. You can do this on your own by simply moving more. The more you move, the easier it becomes, the easier it becomes, the more you move. It does this without putting your body or heart through the massive changes in metabolism that drugs would do. It can be addictive, but in a good way. Diet pills can be addictive in the worst way.

        Try a personal coach, try the gym, or just walk whenever and wherever you can.
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        • The vast majority of diet pills do not work or work on only a subset of people. The diet pill industry makes a lot of money making promises that are not true. If there was a diet loss pill that actually worked and had minimum side effects for most people, the world would beat a path to that company's door. The pills that have worked in the past have been found to be very dangerous, such as the fen-phen combination. If you are willing to make a major change in your diet, there are diets that will lead to weight loss. If you want to keep eating the same things, then you can get weight loss with portion control that reduces your caloric intake below what your body is burning.

          I am currently losing weight by eating local foods here in Southeast Asia. I like the food here. It is much less processed. It has less proteins but the proteins are mostly from meats. Vegetables are common and fats are not left out. Almost every meal is based around rice or rice noodles. I am not feeling hungry, but I do limit myself to a morning meal and an evening meal with some light snacks of fruits or vegetables in between. I walk to some of the places I need to go to. The weather is warm and will turn hot in a month or so. Humidity is moderate to high.
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          • jns is right: diet pills CAN be dangerous and aren't a quick fix. I wouldn't stop anyone using them, but I'd advise the typical approach of eating the right food and exercising. Boring, but true.


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