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Girl Talk

We are all friends here and sometimes girls just wanna chat! It doesn't always have to be about women or health. Sometimes we just wanna talk about general, random things. Have fun, and relax here!

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by admin
Let's face it. We're women and we love to gossip. Discuss the who's who, and what's what in Hollywood & the rest here!

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celebrities you like
Book, movie, music, and theater club.

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Whatcha Listening To?
Do you have a green thumb? Great with the home? Share tips, tricks, advice, and experiences here.
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Carpet cleaner
What do you enjoy to do with your spare time? Play v-ball, dance, ski, etc? Discuss all of them here!

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    My dad has ejaculated into me at times. Not every time...

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  • Reply to AC7

    Ah, I’ve never heard of an ethical vegetarian.

    I haven’t eaten animal flesh since 2003 (at least not knowingly or intentionally). That’s...

    Today, 10:38 AM By Stillness
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    There are a lot of "ethical veGETarians" that have no problem with the dairy farms...where cattle are treated really poorly. I am just pointing...

    Yesterday, 08:10 AM By atskitty2
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    P&C, I'm a fairly quiet person too. Not shy. People mistake that for many things, and misunderstand it all the time. I'm ok with that. I choose to...

    01-19-2019, 08:54 AM By atskitty2

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