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Your top 5 favorite movies..

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  • Your top 5 favorite movies..

    Hey! I thought that this would be fun, so I hope some of you will participate

    My top 5 are: (not in any order)

    1. 50 first dates
    2. Titanic
    3. The Notebook
    4. Moulin Rouge
    5. Blades of Glory!

    so you see that I may be a sucker for those crying/drama flicks, lol.

  • Those are great ones.

    Here are mine, not in any particular order

    1. Gone With the Wind
    2. La Cage Aux Foilles
    3. Cinema Paradiso
    4. Cyrano de Begerac
    5. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


    • wow.. i only know your number 1 and 3!

      correction to my list! haha. it can either be moulin rouge or DUETS because of gwyneth paltrow's bette davis eyes


      • k i'll bite!! haha

        not in any order:

        1. peterpan
        2. the outsiders
        3. ferngully
        4. benny & joon
        5. sweeny todd!

        (i dont know if these are my TOP five favourites, cuz i have so many.....lol. but these are some i love!)


        • Originally posted by reilu View Post
          k i'll bite!! haha

          not in any order:

          1. peterpan
          2. the outsiders
          3. ferngully
          4. benny & joon
          5. sweeny todd!

          (i dont know if these are my TOP five favourites, cuz i have so many.....lol. but these are some i love!)

          oo.. im really scared of the movie ferngully, because of the black smoke machine/monster! haha


          • FERNGULLY!!!!
            "Price check on Prune juice Bob, price check on prune juice"

            1) Twilight
            2) Benny and Joon!
            3) Ever After
            4) Cider House rules
            5) The Scarlett Letter
            The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it


            • i feel kinda fish outta water here with my list..but here goes..
              1-kill bill
              3-nick and norahs infinite playlist
              4-grandmas boy

              this list changes from time to time.


              • Ok. I will give this a try.
                1-Pure Coutry
                2-Hope Floats
                3-Sweet Home Alabama
                4-Because I said so
                5. Madea goes to jail
                I pretty much like different types of movies


                • 1) Heathers
                  2) Welcome to the Dollhouse
                  3) Ghost World
                  4)Little Mermaid
                  5)Fabulous Baker Boys/Big Lebowksi (Tied)

                  Dang so many good movies to choose from but if it boils down to what I can watch repeatedly those are the movies. I wish it was more than 5 choices....I'd like to throw in Teen Wolf and Splash as honorable mentions.


                  • pineapple express
                    mean girls
                    john Q
                    man on fire
                    edward scissor hands

                    i love all types of movies and ive probily seen almost everyone lol :]


                    • These are some I watch a lot...Not sure if I could name my absolute favourites 'cause I like so many...

                      1. Sleepy Hollow
                      2. The Godfather
                      3. Shakespeare's R&J
                      4. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
                      5. The Way of the Gun
                      The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch


                      • There is NO possible way in H.E.double hockey sticks that I can just pick 5....especially because I'm a cartoon fiend...however I will try to narrow it down

                        1. Godfather 1 &2 (I don't care what you say i'm putting it down as one)
                        2. Labrynth!
                        3. Dark Crystal
                        4. Scarface
                        5. The Last unicorn

                        I would like to apologize to all the other movies...it was and still is a close call and at any moment this list could change...shout out to Ferngully..Secret of Nym..HellRaiser...GI Joe (the cartoon movie though I really like the recent rendition)..The Transformers (both movie and cartoon)...The notebook (great movie!!!) Semi Pro (love me sexy...lol)....truthfully this list could go on and on...Carlito's way!!

                        [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Everything I'm not makes me Everything I am[/FONT];)


                        • Good ones that come to mind...

                          Scent of a woman - one of all Pacino's BEST performances....
                          Memoirs of a Geisha
                          Love Actually


                          • 1. he's just not that into you
                            2. silence of the lambs, hannibal, red dragon (they go together)
                            3. the ugly truth
                            4. just friends
                            5. the phantom of the opera


                            • I'm drawing a complete blank... So we'll go with these.

                              Good Will Hunting
                              We Were Soldiers
                              Sweet Home Alabama
                              10 Things I Hate About You

                              Um - honorable mentions... Bourne movies, Lords of Dogtown, Grease, variety of Disney movies, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink.... There's plenty more.


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