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The Walking Dead

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  • The Walking Dead

    Does anyone else watch this show? I used to really like it but it feels like the last few episodes have been really slow.

    I might stop watching it if it doesn't pick. Better Call Saul is only 3 episodes in on Netflix and is already much more engaging.

    Who's with me! :P

  • Well I gave the show 3 episode. Then I shelf the show, as it did get really boring to me and the wife when it first came out. So I never went back to watching it again....
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    • I love the Walking Dead! I've found the last few episodes to be fascinating actually. I love the character development, and seeing how a certain recent death affected different characters. I've always been more interested in the story than the zombies however. Can't wait to see what happens in the next episodes.


      • I gave up on Breaking Bad after episode 6. Personally, I think Vikings on the History channel is a wicked show
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        • Originally posted by Something_Awesome View Post
          I gave up on Breaking Bad after episode 6. Personally, I think Vikings on the History channel is a wicked show
          Breaking bad is one of my all time favorite shows. I guess there's no accounting for taste.

          On topic, walking dead hit a lull for me in the prison In the beginning of season 4. For a few episodes I was just watching it with hopes that it would get good again. When the governor came back it did and never lost me again. Besides that it's been a solid show for me. It's rare that anything maintains my interest for as long as it has.
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