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Obsessed with fictional character(s)

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  • Obsessed with fictional character(s)

    I just finished reading a trilogy and I loved the 2 main characters. It was a science fiction action story with a hint of romance. I guess I like it better when the romance is only in the background. Now I'm obsessing over the characters, imaging their lives, reading fanfiction about them, etc. I sometimes get like this with certain book and TV characters. It seems a bit teenagerist. Does anybody else get like this?
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    what's the trilogy, Dream?

    I have gotten interested in TV characters and authors


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      I love sci-fi. Whenever my wife and I leave a movie theater I tell her, "I think I might have powers." I believe it a little. My most recurring dream is that I'm flying. Sometimes I can walk through walls too.

      Look at all of the crazy fans of certain stories - the conventions, the cosplay, all of the groups and sites dedicated to them. You're not the only one.
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        Hi, Dream. I'm also going through this and it's been an off-and-on lifelong pattern. It is embarrassing to talk about, because it seems like something more typical of a teenage girl than a grown woman with a job and kids. Years ago, it was a popular book and movie series I was obsessed with, but it eventually waned and was replaced by the current one which is almost 6 years running!

        I'm obsessed with my favorite movie, and even more so with my favorite character. I also have a celebrity crush on the actor who plays him. Like you, I read and write fan fiction about him. I've even felt a little down since a recent development about the character and his relationships made me realize that my 'OTP' (One True Pairing) or "ship" can't happen, unless it is in some alternative universe.

        It's led to where I've gotten almost depressed about the movie, to the point where I don't know if I even want to SEE it again, even though I love it so much. I've tried to avoid seeing anything about the actor on social media. It is so strange, and so hard to explain. No one in my real life knows the intensity of how obsessed I am with this movie and characters!


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          I am obsessed with Nancy Drew! I love and collect those books. I always imagine Nancy to be real. She is such a brave and great fictional character that I really like her. I do love books.


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            Originally posted by Popcorn&Candy View Post
            I am obsessed with Nancy Drew! I love and collect those books. I always imagine Nancy to be real. She is such a brave and great fictional character that I really like her. I do love books.
            When I was young I read every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book I could get from the library.
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              No, I don't think I have ever been obsessed with anything. Not even as a young girl or teen. I had posters of rock bands and animals in my room. Maybe I've just forgotten, but I don't think I ever did.