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YouTube: Daughter Of The Streets

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  • YouTube: Daughter Of The Streets

    If you like your films, then I'd recommend you watching this movie on YouTube. I have watched it loads of times and it's great!

    It's about an 18 year old high school student who gets into prostitution, due to money worries. Her brother is disabled, as well. This adds to Charley's distress. But Charley has a saving grace: her mom. But she doesn't realize until the end of the film when she's assaulted, that her mom is her best friend. Her mother saves her, basically.

    It is a beautiful real-life story and just touches the heart. I've watched this film many times and never grow bored. If you're interested, then just go on YouTube. You'd want to use the Brandy Crawford link.

    I know this is a plug, but it isn't spam. Anyhow, if you do watch it, I hope you get as much inspiration as I did.

  • These are the kind of "plugs" we like. I'm sure many of us can relate to not fully appreciating our parents when we were teens. I know I didn't. Unfortunately, I was 17 when my dad passed away and I was still at a very selfish teenage stage of my life. But that taught me a terrible but valuable life-changing lesson and you better believe I have appreciated every second of my mom since.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • I lost a parent a few years ago. My mum and I weren't always in touch [my parents divorced and we moved away] and that broke my heart. Losing my mum has made me realize how valuable relationships, friendships and every other type of interaction are. My dad and I are close, though, and I will not waste what years he's around for. I won't make the same mistake twice.

      Anyhow, I am glad the plug was acceptable because I do not post spam [which you guys should know by now!].

      Anyone that did watch "Daughter Of The Streets" what were your thoughts?


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