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Diagnosis on Netflix

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  • Diagnosis on Netflix

    There are only 7 episodes, but I found this to be such an informative, interesting and eye-opening show. I was truly captivated by it and wanted to recommend others watch it.

    Basically, it's a physician partnering with The New York Times to investigate people who have mysterious illnesses that have gone years undiagnosed. She used the opinions of people ALL over the world to help these people arrive to a diagnosis. Although the show was in no way negatively spun and was only intended to be helpful, it did highlight the inadequacies of the US healthcare system as it pertains to insurance. Many of these people were undiagnosed, buried in medical debt, and just couldn't continue adding to that debt to find answers. Lots of swift, inaccurate diagnosis' that had led people astray for years.

    Anyway, it was really a great show that I highly recommend.
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  • yep. In my auto-immune support groups, there are many women that a show could probably be produced around their lives. They've gone all over the country for answers, and always come home empty-handed. Well, except for the handful of new meds someone prescribed them.

    I don't have TV but I'll have to go check this out.

    I'm fortunate, I paid off the medical debt this summer...but I know some that have lost their homes, after losing their jobs, due to disease. Many lose their spouse, they're denied disability, some wind up bedfast, and a few, homeless.
    Pretty sure some have died by suicide. I've been in these groups for I guess 3 years now, and it's been heartbreaking. It wells up a gratefulness inside me. I am whole, I am doing great, while others are suffering, with no support from our health care system.

    Insurance is a joke. I no longer see any practitioners affiliated with, or operating under a corporate umbrella. Some don't accept any insurance, but 1 or maybe 2.
    Not easy to do, but I've found that's the best route for me. And, I've not carried health insurance for 2 years now, and have actually saved money paying out of pocket. If another catastrophic health event were to occur, I'd be in debt for years. Honestly, tho, if I had insurance, I would be too, so...what's the difference?


    • It does seem like auto-immune illnesses are some of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

      We have some of the best medical professionals and researchers in the world in the US. They're out there. But I fear that our overriding desire for profit has overshadowed true and often desperate needs.

      One of the things she said on the show that stuck with me was something like, "As physicians, we are taught that when we hear a stampede to know that almost always, it will be horses and not zebras. We're going to look for horses first. But sometimes...it IS zebras." This resonated with me because doctors usually try to rule out the obvious first, which is understandable....but in the US every step of that costs us money. By the time the doctors prove to themselves and the insurance company what we already knew (that it wasn't a horse!), we are in major debt, frustrated and feel hopeless and the hard work hasn't even begun.

      I sure hope she makes another season of the show.
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