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  • Napster?

    Okay so i was an avid limewire pro user for ever and after a battle with viruses ( i never personally had any bad ones but i had a friend whose computer got destroyed) i decided i needed to go elsewhere with my music downloading.
    Anyone use Napster?
    Experiences to share? I loved it when it first came out before it was "illegal" to download and share these files...

  • I used it when it was free. Since it turn into 'pay to use' I've no idea...

    I've also been using Limewire Pro for years but they've shut it down now, haven't they?

    I'd also like to hear a suggestion on this.


    • I can't think of free sites anymore. Some people I knew used Napster and there isn't any complaints I've heard from them (yet).


      • Limewire's servers were shut down under court order. The popular sharing site "The Pirate Bay" is also facing some legal troubles. It's getting harder and harder to get stuff for free now because the law is really starting to crack down on file sharing and copyrights.

        I've been using Frostwire, it's a knock-off version of Limewire. Unfortunately, you get a lot of spam results so you have to weed those out and pay attention to the file sizes to find what you're looking for. Thankfully you have the ability to mark certain results as spam and block known spammer hosts so you don't get results from them again. If you're on Mac, Acqlite is also a good alternative.


        • Yes, I just came here to also mention Frostwire. It works fine on Mac & PC.


          • Is frostwire full of virus's like limewire?


            • Originally posted by Little.Chuck View Post
              Is frostwire full of virus's like limewire?
              Yes, you can easily get viruses from any file sharing software. It has a lot of spam also. Just make sure you have a virus scanner installed and scan every file you download before you open it. Also before you even download anything, pay attention to the file size. If you're looking for music, the file size should be above 1 MB (or 1,000 KB), usually between 2 MB and 5 MB. Any smaller than that it is probably a virus or spam. As long as you pay attention you should be fine. Thankfully I'm on a Mac, which rarely gets viruses, but the spam is quite annoying.


              • Originally posted by kristalyn04 View Post
                Thankfully I'm on a Mac, which rarely gets viruses, but the spam is quite annoying.
                Yep, same here. I'm just glad they made something to replace LW so quickly. I think the searches are also fewer, but it should get better.


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