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Girl is obsessed with my friends child?!

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  • Girl is obsessed with my friends child?!

    Well as the title says. (names have been changed)
    My friend has a 2 year old daughter who is beautiful however her boyfriend's brother has been in a relationship with a girl who has become obsessed with ********Kayla my friend ********jen's daughter. It started 2 years ago when Jen was first pregnant bump and all, this girl ********kelly began posting pictures of Jen's bump all over facebook claiming it was hers even to her family! When Kayla was born she posted a pic of her with kayla on facebook and said it was hers! and it started from there really, now 2 years on Kelly has posted horrific comments called Jens family paedophiles and more or less began stalking Jen. It got worse recently because Jen said no to Kelly babysitting and it started a massive argument as Kelly stated she "had the right" she has become really scary basically now desperate to see Kayla any time she gets including going to her nursery! I did find out however Kelly and her boyfriend are infertile and cannot conceive which is horrible I wouldn't wish it on anyone but not only Jen has been targeted all her friends with children have as well mostly two other women, its now come to a point that Jen is terrified Kayla may be taken away by Kelly or something. What can I do? I'm giving advice but I don't get why this girl is so obsessed she can have a surrogate or adopt I understand her longing for a child but its still a little bit terrifying Jen is even considering coming to cyprus to see me...What can I do? Has anyone else been the victim of someone obsessed with their child/children?

  • Honey she needs to see someone.

    Her pain over not being able to ever have children is hurting her and she is becoming obsessed.

    Her family should not sit by and read all of that and not help her.

    This is sad but I can understand the fear too, obsession can be harmful.

    Someone needs to discuss this with her family. And, get her help.


    • I know how badly she needs help but her family will not encourage her to seek it, they've been encouraging her to go to Kayla's nursery and its frightening, Jen is constantly checking on Kayla and even changing nurseries has not worked. Its extremely sad that she has become so obsessed but for the life of me I cannot convince her family to get her medical help this is really worrying me as well as kayla is very trusting of Kelly and I have seen a recent post of Kelly's "If I have to steal a child to have one I will!" It was all in capitals and was then deleted except I screen printed it first, so I've told Jen to ring the police and see if they can by law get her medical help.


      • What does her boyfriend think of all of this? Between Jen and her boyfriend, they need to keep this unstable person away from their child. I understand that Kelly has a lot of issues with her infertility, but that is no excuse to be obsessive over someone else's child, even making veiled threats to "steal" one. This person, although hurting, is a ticking timebomb and should be handled as such.

        Unfortunately, as a friend, there is not much you can do. You can call the police yourself, show them the evidence, but if that child's parents aren't concerned enough to proceed with any legal consequences, there isn't much else to be done.

        However, with that said, it seems your friend "Jen" actually is quite concerned. As a mother, she should do everything within her power to protect her child, and that means telling Kelly she needs to back off, telling the nursery NOT to allow that person near her child (and give them a picture so they know who to look for), and potentially filing a police report. This may upset the family, but her child's safety come first.


        • I think Jen has gone and done this now she hasn't been online today so I will no more soon. Its just utterly terrifying to me someone could go to these lengths for a child I know its not nice but I do know how dangerous she could be.


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