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When you look for something specific and can't find it?

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  • When you look for something specific and can't find it?

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I am looking for white woolly tights, and I can't find any that would fit me! I've checked in the ladies tights, and they usually have the same in whatever shop I go in, they have black, grey, brown but no white. Ive also tried looking in the girls tights but they only usually have White in the really little girls tights (like primary school age) so those wouldn't fit.

    Another thing I'm looking for is Harry Potter t-shirts. There's a specific t-shirt that I'd like, and they sell them I'm Primark, but I can't find any in my size. They have all other sizes from size 6 to size 18 (as I've seen) but none in my size. I've tried checking on the Internet for things I'd like, but it's always more expensive online, and I worry it will arrive and it won't fit (as sizing is different in different placed, and also different for boys/mans or girls/ ladies clothing).

    What should I do?

  • I've seen white/off white tights in stores this season, both in the thinner nylon version and the heavier ones that you're probably looking for. Not sure where you are, but I saw them in the mall for sure, here in the midwest of the U.S. Do you need a size smaller than 6 or larger than 18? Those sizes are more difficult to find, it's true.
    I can't help out with the t-shirts, as I don't really wear them or have anyone to buy them for. Sometimes online is the only way to go.


    • Also I think I saw them in a store, look for and you send to the priv
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      • Atskitty2, I'm a size 14 in shirts, that's what meant. They had all the other sizes but none in the size I need. The sort of tights I mean are quite thick, I was told they were called woollen or woolly tights, but I don't know if there is a specific name for them (like you get sheer tights and opaque tights). I've checked in loads of different shops, but I can't find any. The reason I'm wary of ordering online is incase it arrives and does not fit (shirts are usually ok, it's things like trousers or tights I'm wary of ordering).


        • Phone up primark and ask when they'll get the tshirt in in size 14? Or try further away stores that might post one...
          Can't find white wooly tights!? Again, phone the shop and ask if they are getting any white ones in.
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          • Calibri, none of the shops I have tried in have any white woolly tights. As I mentioned in a previous post, in the ladies tights they have black, grey, navy, brown but not white. What I'm asking is, where would I find them?


            • I looked on ebay and found numerous styles of wool tights or wool leggings.


              • I said in an earlier post, I'm wary of buying things online incase they arrive and don't fit. I can order t shirts off ebay and other online sites, as their sizes are usually the same from wherever you buy them, but due to my height, it's hard to know if things like trousers or tights would fit, like if I bought some that would fit me in the height, they might not fit in the hips or waist. It's hard to explain.


                • I'm not a classic size either Rain. I have difficulty finding things that fit the way I like them to as well, so I don't buy bottoms online, unless it's something I've purchased previously, and know that the dimensions are similar.


                  • Sometimes you find things when you stop looking for them.

                    Last night I found something I had been looking for for a long while (only thing is I found it when I finally gave up actively looking for it). I had been looking to get a tasteful flannel shirt with some red in it.

                    I was at the mall with the GF last night and we were about to leave. I told her that something inside me is telling me to go to Abercrombie & Fitch. It was not because of the flannels either. The thought of flannels never even entered my head. Something just told me to go. GF was telling me she did not want to go (she had an upset stomach from something she ate), but for whatever reason the desire to go to the store was strong.

                    I ended up finding not one, but two different flannels (awesome ones) with red in them for 25 bucks each (originally 75 each). I did not even know they were on sale, they just rang up for that amount. Honestly, the fitment on them is amazing. The shirts look amazing. Even the length is perfect (people never put as much attention on the length as they should). I got really lucky. The shirts were so great that even my GF took notice and forgot about her stomach pain while we were there.
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                    • atskitty2, what do you mean by Classic size? My size is 14 or M usually in t shirts or hoodies, but a 12 in bottoms depending on the style of them.

                      Something_awesome, Ill try that. For some reason, if I was to spend more money than normal on something I really wanted, like if I was to go to a sock shop for tights (where it would be more expensive), then once I'd got what I wanted, it would suddenly be in all the shops.


                      • By classic, I mean that I'm not proportional I guess. The tailored size according to specs on top and bottom. I have difficulty getting pants, especially, that fit well, because I have a butt, but smaller waistline. I recently lost more weight, so it's better than before, but it is still a challenge. Dresses can he especially tricky.
                        Things like tights are a bit more forgiving tho. Use the size chart available on the web page, and if you're on the edge or toward the middle even, go up a size.


                        • Atskitty2, I think I get what you mean. My waist is actually bigger than it should be (not much though). Most people expect someone who is short to be fairy like (really skinny), so like I said, what would fit me in height might not fit in the hips or waist. I've checked sizing on the packet, but mostly it says what height it would fit, and I'm not sure of my waist or hip measurement.

                          Chandlers wish, they don't allow you to try on tights in shops. It's like with socks or knickers I think (they don't allow you to try those on either).


                          • Well, tights typically have elastic at the waist, so it's less important to have an exact measurement. It should give for you & allow an inch or 2 of difference. And if you find that, when trying to keep the length you need, and have the waist size be right, you may need to buy a "tall". Yes, I realize that seems crazy because you've said you're only 5'2? I think? But if they pull up, because you have to keep them sitting at your waist just right, the "tall" size will accommodate that length & prevent them looking too short. I much prefer something too long, than too short. This time of year especially. Keep in mind tho, the "tall" sizes also have a longer length from waist to crotch, and it could sag, so try those on too! That may turn out to be bad advice, but it's an option.
                            Also, remember, you can always pin something, or alter it for comfort's sake.

                            I'd love to know where you're shopping that you aren't permitted to try on things. Have you asked? Things like knickers, you must keep your own undies on, but you should be able to do that. I don't personally try them on, but there are signs posted for undergarment sizing & swimsuits.

                            I think if you ask the staff, so they can carefully remove the tights from the package to preserve the integrity of the presentation, they would allow you to try on. I often see packaging torn open & ruined, and my guess is that is what they're trying to prevent. If you explain your dilemma, they'll likely make an exception for you, after all, they want to make a sale.

                            If nothing works, find a substitute. Maybe a tan or light grey would work for the outfit you're trying to put together.


                            • I usually shop in Primark. They allow you to try on clothes like t shirts, hoodies, jeans, leggings, shoes and bras, but not socks or knickers. I'm not sure about tights really, I've never asked. Maybe a "tall" might fit better if I do find tights like I want, as I know tights stretch, but it's knowing if they'd stretch enough to pull up over my hips and bottom and waist, so perhaps a tall would fit better.


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