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When you look for something specific and can't find it?

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    Well, tights typically have elastic at the waist, so it's less important to have an exact measurement. It should give for you & allow an inch or 2 of difference. And if you find that, when trying to keep the length you need, and have the waist size be right, you may need to buy a "tall". Yes, I realize that seems crazy because you've said you're only 5'2? I think? But if they pull up, because you have to keep them sitting at your waist just right, the "tall" size will accommodate that length & prevent them looking too short. I much prefer something too long, than too short. This time of year especially. Keep in mind tho, the "tall" sizes also have a longer length from waist to crotch, and it could sag, so try those on too! That may turn out to be bad advice, but it's an option.
    Also, remember, you can always pin something, or alter it for comfort's sake.

    I'd love to know where you're shopping that you aren't permitted to try on things. Have you asked? Things like knickers, you must keep your own undies on, but you should be able to do that. I don't personally try them on, but there are signs posted for undergarment sizing & swimsuits.

    I think if you ask the staff, so they can carefully remove the tights from the package to preserve the integrity of the presentation, they would allow you to try on. I often see packaging torn open & ruined, and my guess is that is what they're trying to prevent. If you explain your dilemma, they'll likely make an exception for you, after all, they want to make a sale.

    If nothing works, find a substitute. Maybe a tan or light grey would work for the outfit you're trying to put together.


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      I usually shop in Primark. They allow you to try on clothes like t shirts, hoodies, jeans, leggings, shoes and bras, but not socks or knickers. I'm not sure about tights really, I've never asked. Maybe a "tall" might fit better if I do find tights like I want, as I know tights stretch, but it's knowing if they'd stretch enough to pull up over my hips and bottom and waist, so perhaps a tall would fit better.


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        What about return policy? Take them home try them on and return them as they don't fit, then you know the next size up should. Guess you're going to have to go with measurements, good luck hun you'll work it out I'm sure.


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          When I look for something and I can't find it, I change my mind and look for a replacement... like the second best thing. If possible.


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            Thanks :-) I'll keep looking. Perhaps Ivory coloured might be as good if I found a pair.

            P.s sorry for the late reply. I didn't see anyone had replied


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              I don't know where you are in the world, but it's changing seasons here, so is this something that will carry into Spring/Summer (if applicable to you) and make it worthwhile to continue this relentless search?
              I know - when I have my mind set on an outfit, I have to get it too...sorry you've had no luck in all this search.


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                It's ok. I think it would be best to check shops in winter for woolly tights as they're more of a winter thing. It's spring here, so I usually wear jeans or leggings with skirts at the moment as it's still cool, but not really cold like winter. Also, when it gets hot in summer, I'll most likely be wearing shorts, as tights will be too warm for summer.


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                  Update: I got a pack of 3 girls woolly tights because after easing a pair out of a pack to look at them to see how big they were, they looked as if they'd fit, and plus they were in the sale so they were only 1. I know now tights are none returnable :-/ I got the tights home, and went to try a pair on, only to find that they'd be long enough, but the waist won't stretch enough, so I can't pull them up over my bottom and hips :-/. That was annoying as I thought I'd finally got some.
                  So I've decided to keep looking, but also checking other options as well. If I can't find the sort I'm after, I like cable knit so I could try looking for white cable knit. Also, Ivory could be an option too.
                  It would be nice to have some thing that isn't dark for spring, as it's still chilly here.


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                    This happens to me ALL the time! I've had my heart set on buying a large mustard yellow velvet cushion and a burnt orange raw silk one, yet cannot find them anywhere. It really frustrates me lol, but I'm thinking now that I need to be more flexible or make things myself instead of dreaming them up and then getting annoyed when they haven't been made yet. That said, I don't think white wolly tights or a Harry Potter shirt should be that difficult as they seem like pretty normal requests! Ebay is a good shout and I found these on Amazon, they look lovely and warm - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ladies-Ango...te+wool+tights and these come in cream https://www.sockshop.co.uk/products/...o_wool_tights/. Natxx