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  • Being unemployed for 7 months and not being able to get my dream job after college for 14 months, I'm having fun with my job search, even if it's a simple part time job like doing office work or working back at my old job folding clothes. It gives me some sort of structure, and most definitely determination.
    Networking, writing cover letters and asking for advice from my aunt who is unemployed as well. Even touching base with the companies that rejected me and asking them for advice and being on their radar is fun. Just because the jobs I apply for are all in the same field doesn't mean that every application is the same.
    Since no one will be in their office due to the snow, it's going to drive me crazy when I can't do my special hobby during the weekdays.


    • Searching for dog's clothes on the internet... everyday. Not necessarily to buy but look for some cute ideas then I make them.
      "I make sure I do my best, because it is always worth it, no matter what you want to achieve in life."


      • rennovating and rebuilding old bicycles.....I love getting a bit oily!
        I've also recently moved into a new apartment that seemed to have more than its fair share of white walls. In response to this, I've started collecting vintage and retro posters to decorate. I really like the old Soviet propaganda posters from the early 20th century. They have this really unique ascetic. I think its becoming quite "hip" to collect them. Some are going for big proces theses days.
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        To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


        • I paint glassware, and make wine


          • My hobby is writing. I also enjoy cleaning: odd but true! I'd say that is unusual for a hobby!


            • An emulator is superior to anything NDS reassure in light of the fact that you can convey your telephone all over the place and nothing is superior to anything playing recreations when you are on a transport trip.
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              • I love reading, too.


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