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Sims 3!

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  • Sims 3!

    I'm a Sims addict. That being said, I'm having my brother build me a tower for gaming. I already have the Sims 3 and it's expansions registered on my Macbook. Can I install all the games on the other computer?? I don't wanna have to buy em all again.

  • From what I remember when I played Sims, I had no problem reinstalling on all my systems. That being said, it was for the old Sims games; not sure about the new ones. I doubt you'll have any issues, though, and if you do, just see if you can contact EA customer services and ask if they can help.


    • Thanks!


      • I recently bought the macbook pro 2010, was thinking of what kind of games it could take... Sims sounds like an idea. I got pretty addicted to it when it FIRST came out (gosh I can't remember when that was)... I've never played any of the subsequent versions. Not sure if I'd even recognize it now.


        • Totally different! Much better. DO IT. DO IT NOW.


          • OMG must succumb to peer pressure

            Which one would you recommend??


            • Well...I have Sims 3...and all expansions and packs except that pirate . Hard to choose. I love Late Night, but the deluxe versions comes with Sims 3 (which you need for all), and Ambitions.


              • I just got the Sims 3 Deluxe addition a couple weeks ago! I forgot how addicting it can be! I haven't played Sims in about 6 years!
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                • Right so I've finally bought this game, I dunno, I can see how it can be addicting but like... I do all that stuff in my daily life anyway, I'd rather play video games that have dragons and stuff ya know? But I do still enjoy it from time to time.


                  • I LOVE the Sims 3! I'm doing the legacy challenge. The rules are in The Sims 3 facebook fan page's notes. I haven't played in a week or so since my computer was broken. I have been "simming" for 7 years.


                    • Love the Sims here too. Been playing since the original came out. Do have to ask if anyone here has gotten the Generations EP yet? I haven't and I'm missing 2 stuff packs but was curious if Generations is worth getting?


                      • I played and got addicted to Sims 1 & 2. Gonna commit now and buy the third! It definitly seems to be the games for girls!


                        • Originally posted by FortunsFoole View Post
                          I haven't and I'm missing 2 stuff packs but was curious if Generations is worth getting?
                          Generations is great!


                          • It's ma favorite game!!


                            • Never played, but sound's fun!
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