Starting an online craftinf biz :)

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Starting an online craftinf biz :)

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  • Starting an online craftinf biz :)

    I want to sell some of the things I sew online. But I need ideas and I need a good online site to sell them on. I tried Etsy but I didn't like going through a third party. What are my options for getting my crafts out there. I think that I have some talent and could use the extra money that it would bring in for me. Any advice?
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  • I hear that Pinterest is helping a lot of people get their products "out there." There are lots of free blog sites out there - I use Blogspot by Google for my personal blog - that you could use to display your products. Then you just pin them on Pinterest and hope they take off! Anybody who sees the pictures of your crafts pinned can click through to your blog, where you've hopefully put purchase info

    I don't know how to set up purchases on a blog, so that's something another person will have to answer. But if you want to market your things online, you have to know what the newest way is - and Pinterest is definitely IT right now.
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    • Hi Basketcase, you can start it out using a Facebook account. Start by sharing it with your friends.However, it is best if you can come up with a good website.


      • Hi Honestly, your best bet is going to be starting a blog. I'm happy to show you how (no charge) and hopefully help you get started if you want.

        Best of luck, and rock on for following your dreams!
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        • I actually am very happy with Etsy. It's very cheap to list things and there are no hidden fees. You can also meet a lot of interesting people on there and it can really build a reputation for your business.


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          • Hi :)

            Hi everyone

            just found this forum. I'm studying Medicine so will try to keep it up with some answers.

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